20 Days of Holiday Writing: Day 2

Just in case you didn’t catch it last time, we’re doing a writing program!

Day 2:

Challenge #2: Get out your writer’s notebook and a pen or pencil. We’re going to do something fun-story starters!

A story starter is the beginning sentence (or maybe paragraph) that starts off your book. It should be almost a summary the book or story. Here’s the one for my book:

 Tomorrow is so far away; so far away it seems it might never come. It will bring me excitement, or fear, that I haven’t had in forever. 

So, write 3 story starters-go!


1. I looked at the chest sadly in memory of my sister.

2. It’s the most wonderful time of the year- at least, I think so.

3.  “What have I done?” I thought.


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  1. I completed it!
    1. A strange tingling sensation washed over me, starting at the fingers and then fanning out. I opened my eyes and called for my friend, reaching for the chain.
    And then everything went black.
    2. The sword slashed through the air, glinting wickedly in the moonlight. It stopped with a snap, the razor-edged tip pointed unmistakably at my heart.
    3. The plate slipped out of my hands and fell with a clatter to the stone floor. I struggled to see through the thick fog cloaking the figure. Was that . . .? It couldn’t be. She had been dead for years. A melodious whistle soared through the pines.
    There was no doubting it now.
    She was back.
    I hope you like them!! Merry Christmas!

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