20 Days of Holiday Writing: Day 5

I’m not good at being on time. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, craziness gone.

Day 5:

Next paragraph of our story. It doesn’t have to be Christmasy if you don’t want it to be. Actually, it could be valentinesy for my contest.

I looked at the chest sadly in memory of my sister. I couldn’t imagine the holidays without her. That chest has all of our memories together. Like when we used Mom’s wedding dress to make tutus- and she was so mad! She died right before her sweet sixteen party last summer.

We planned to get Mom a really nice coffee maker. Mom loves coffee.  Next week, school gets out for two weeks, and I plan to make a scrapbook of me and her. But, this is now. My sister is part of the past now… and it’s not going to change.


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  1. I only did two stories this time, because I’m not having very much success with the one about Jade Maxwell.
    The story about Danielle Fox:

    I thought back to the night Aaron had told me what had happened. It was obvious why I had let him talk me into it.

    Aaron’s older brother, Michael, was missing.

    One minute he was there, the next he had disappeared without a trace.

    Aaron showed me a ransom note. But the kidnapper didn’t want money — he wanted a piece of wood.

    Everyone knew that I was the fastest kid for miles around. I could run like a deer, and I had good endurance, too. I had agreed, without a moments hesitation, to do something that unless I could figure out how to escape Commander Augustus, would land me in jail for the rest of my life.

    I had broken into the Vault.
    The story about Gabriel Whitewood:

    Raina’s eyes darted around, and they had a wild look in them. “We’re not safe here,” she whispered fiercely. “They’re coming. They’ll take us away!” She shook me. “Help me! Please, Gabriel, help me . . .” Raina’s body shook with sobs. I put my arms around her and rubbed her back in slow, steady circles.

    “There, there, Raina, it’ll be alright,” I said soothingly. I looked at her thin face and added, “I’ll go get you some food. Just stay put, OK?”

    Raina grabbed my hand as I started to go back to the castle. “Please don’t leave,” she sobbed. The wild look returned to her eyes. “I can’t bear to be all alone.”

    I took her hand in mine, and led her over to the orchard. She leaned up against a cherry tree and closed her eyes. A sudden gust of wind whipped around us, and I hugged myself as I gazed down at Raina. She had drifted into a light sleep. Suddenly she awoke, and said, “I’m so, c-c-cold, Gabriel.”

    I quickly pulled off my shawl to give to Raina. As I took off her threadbare cloak to lay over her legs, I saw something on her shoulder blades. The low-backed style of her dress revealed a design of curly lines, forming the shape of an owl.

  2. It started the June Jamie turned 12. Jamie was the adopted child of Bob and Ruth Gillset. Bob was the inventor of a very popular candy bar. It was called the CreamyCrunch. Since he was very rich, Jamie got almost every thing she wanted. This probably sounds like Jamie was a spoiled child, but she was not. In fact, she only asked for something she thought would be useful or if she had thought over it awhile. She did not ask for something because it was a fad, or at least not for that purpose. But even having almost any thing she wanted, she managed to get together a small birthday wish list.

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