2014 Recap- Fixed

I saw littlehouseofamericangirl.com do one, so I want to do a recap. Can you believe it’s 2015??!!

So enjoy….

2014 RECAP!!!

(I wish I had text size and color….)

 My dolls and I

On August 21, I re-did my blog to make it about dolls.


P.S. I’m a much better blogger now than I was in August.

Day One

On August 24, I took a camping trip with my friend Amy and her doll Josefina.


Before you think this does not need to be included  in the recap, please remember that if this was your camping trip with a faraway friend you would feel the need for a recap with it.


On August 28, I welcomed BeForever on my blog.


I really like how they redid the books because they were kind of little girl books as you get older, but  does every girl have to be nine turning ten? (Nine and ten year olds, you will understand this later.)


On September 10, I got my first mini doll,  Isabelle, doll number seven while on vacation.


And the post after, I changed my blog from all about dolls to dolls and other stuff.



On September 30, I started Voyages D’été.


On October 25, I got 100 comments.


On November 21, AG  had some awesome sales.


On November 27, I gave you all the Thanksgiving challenge.

The winners were:

First Place: Winter!

From craftingwithwinter.blogspot.com

Second Place: Dandelions and Daises!

From dandelionsanddaisys.wordpress.com

Third Place: CutePolarBear!

1st Runner-up: AJ!

From americangirlaj.weebly.com

When I said I was the expert I was just kidding :). That’s how I use sarcasm with my friends.



On December 11, I started Roanoke.


On December 15,  I started my first giveaway/contest that you can still enter!


Well that wraps it up. What was your highlight of the year? I think mine outside of blogging was getting on my co-op newspaper, and in blogging was, well, starting over to make my blog better.

Oh! Yeah! I started my writing program! Just go to the writing category.


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