2015 Roundup

It’s been an exciting year.

In case you didn’t know, I

(a) Change my blog theme from dolls to lifestyle

(b) Took a long hiatus then re-discovered the wonders of blogging

and (c) Discovered some awesome blogs.

Blog stats:

Most viewed page so far- Blogs I Love with 312 views.

Top commenter: Megan

Countries (as of earlier this month): USA, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Italy. Oman, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, and the Philippines. (Now how many of them are spammers?)

January highlights:


Oh, Operation: Escape. You had to suffer from my break. Give this post a thumbs up if you would like it to be finished!

I did my 100th post.

February highlights:

I joined the Seven Dolls of Maple Drive.


Caroline joined my doll family.


I did my photo shoot Stand, which was super fun to make.

March highlights:


There were some…. interesting What is She Doing?!s.

And some fun Little Writings.

Went to the 4-H Healthy Living Summit and shared some tips.

May highlights:

Did a bloopers post.

Started Song of the Week.

June highlights:


Did my returning Battery photo shoot.

September highlights:


October highlights:

Returned from the Dark Side.

Made pumpkin seeds. Yum!

November highlights:

Had my 2-Year-Blogaversary.


Credits to Megan.

Started the button contest with Megan.

December highlights:

Joined CWWC.


Created this ^


Shared Room Décor Tips.

And did a few Christmas challenges.

2016 Blogging Goals:

Hit 45 followers 

Blog approximately every other day

Add more of my photos to posts 

Create 100 more writing prompts 


What was your favorite event this year?

Happy 2016,


P.S. Today is the last day to enter the Button Contest! Enter now.

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