3 Things I’m Going to do Differently for (Camp) NaNoWriMo

One of the reasons I love NaNoWriMo is because it not only challenges you, but it teaches you–that is, if you let it. So, this year, I took a step back to see what I’ve learned.

You see, I really love the novels I’m planning. I want to enjoy writing them in all the drafts, not just the first ones. In my attempt at editing my last NaNoWriMo novel, it was a pain. Everyone said it was simple: macro edit, micro edit, beta readers, done. Mine was simply falling apart and not enjoyable. It wasn’t what it was.

Me being me, I also decided to find out what went wrong and how I could improve. Using that, here is what I am going to do differently this April.

1. Know When to Take Breaks

December 1, I was tired. I’d almost hit my OA goal the night before, then had to go to bed. My novel still had a lot of story left in it. So, I took a few days off. I was not only drained physically, but I was drained of creativity. Forcing yourself to write may be a NaNo essential, but save yourself and know when to take some time off. (I talk more about this here)

2. Run Spellcheck 

What? You mean… editing? Lowering my word count?*clouds turn gray, children scream, stereotype breaks* No, I do not. I mean, when I go back to my novel, I’m going to see “say” instead of “sai”, “that” instead of “dat”, etc, which is going to make it much easier on me. When I am done writing for the day (or if I’m writing a lot, done a chapter), I will run basic spell check so my novel appears easier to edit. It’s a psychological thing. It won’t even take time out of my writing.

3.When in Doubt, Write it Out

No, I did not steal this rhyme from when I played soccer. You may have heard of the whole “write what you love in a novel”. Well, when I’m in writer’s block, I want to write a scene that’s not plot relevant, but it’s just something nice and pretty and flowy that I’m going to enjoy. I recommend this to anyone. Write something merely for your pleasure that you will look back and smile at. (Now, I realize for some of us this may be stabbing characters…please refrain.)

So, that’s what I’m doing differently this April! If you’ve ever participated in NaNo, or ever written a novel, what are you going to do differently next time? What have you learned?

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  1. I think I’ve learned to plan more/less. There are some chapters of a book where I have everything planned out, but when I do that, it kinda loses it’s creativity feel. There are other chapters where I’ve written strictly on impulse, and the result is cringy, putting it mildly. This second mistake happens more often than the first. 🙂
    I think I’ve also learned to write out everything, even sometimes unnecessary details, because that will give me a better feel of where I am, and I can always edit it out in the end.
    AND I’ve learned to not edit until I’m completely finished with the novel, because I tend to get very paranoid with everything I write until it is perfect and it hinders my progress. Actually, it is very hard for me not to edit something or format it properly until I am DONE with my novel. I’ve been working on it. 🙂

          1. Walther. Bridgit. Ella. Not Abby. But Gretta. And even Priscilla sometimes. And other friends I have. And myself … and a few of my cousins. And my writing teacher. The list goes on… and everyone Walther’s come in contact with that don’t know me. I’m not kidding,

  2. Good post, Josie!! Hmm…this time Im going to focus more on my sotry than my word count because ive noticed if i igbore my wordcount when im writing it gets easier to find my word flow. November was full of struggling for words! ;P

  3. “(Now, I realize for some of us this may be stabbing characters…please refrain.)”

    😂 😂 😂

    This is awesome! How I missed this before April 1, I don’t know… I LOVE number three. I did it once when I had total writer’s block but then felt bad because I literally wasn’t doing anything to progress the plot, just having fun with the melodramatic beautimous scene… this helped me realized that that’s OK! XD


    1. It is very okay! Even though you may have to cut them out in editing XD.
      Some writers just comfort themselves like: stab stab stab. And everyone suffers in the end. (Well, not the author. But, you know.)

        1. O.0 Let’s just say the Halfway to Fourteen people have much arguing to do, and betrayal awaits in Fantasy Gossip.

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