AAWC Challenge 2 {Memories}

Hello, MKZ. I forgot the code we discussed. Please know that I meant to write it.

This week’s AAWC challenge was “photograph”, so I’m doing a story that I originally half-wrote a long time ago based off of Mattie’s prompt. Misty, I used “swan” as well. Here goes.

Team Swan

Misty’s image

Kendall ran up the steps of her old home. She only had a few minutes before she had to leave, so she had to be quick.

Children’s laughter echoed off the walls. It took Kendall a few moments to realize it wasn’t real, just a memory.

Everything good seemed to be only a memory.

When Kendall reached the attic, the smell of dirt and dust filled the room. Kendall didn’t mind, however.

There were several boxes, with scattered memorabilia in them. Kendall walked over to one and peeked inside to see an old scrapbook. She opened it.

On the front page was a sketch of a swan. Kendall smiled. She remembered drawing that swan after seeing a flock of them on vacation.

Turning the pages, Kendall saw photographs of when she was young, taken by the old polaroid camera.

Memories, taped into the pages.

A tear slipped down her cheek.

Would things ever be as good as they once were? Would she ever find a family that would love her?

“Time to go!” a voice called from the living room. Kendall slipped the book into her backpack and ran down the stairs.


I hope you enjoyed this story! Team Swan, for the win!


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  1. Ooh! This was good…ish. Great for a swan, I guess. xD
    P.S. GO EAGLES. >:D
    P.P.S. Do you think we should still do the monthly button giveaway? It seems like most of the people who entered have won it some time or other…. ?

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