American Girl’s BeForever!

Introducing: BeForever! A fresh new look at AG’S historical dolls. Let’s meet the improved dolls.


Meet Kaya—1764

Adventure and fun just come naturally to me.
I’m Kaya. I do my best to be a friend to the earth. Wild adventures and amazing surprises are everywhere in nature, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement! I’m lucky that my loyal mare, Steps High, always walks the right path—and teaches me to do the same.
I always take time to respect the earth.


Kaya, along with all the other dolls (except Josefina) got three new books. The last one is a choose your own ending.


Meet Caroline—1812

Some heroes wear uniforms. And some of us wear pink dresses.
I’m Caroline Abbott. I’ve outfoxed enemy soldiers, chased thieves on my uncle’s farm, and survived an icy dip in Lake Ontario. While I’ve faced my share of adventures, the bravest thing I can ever do, my true act of courage, is to believe in myself.
Today, my bravery will shine through.



Meet Josefina—1824

I think kindness is the best medicine.
I’m Josefina Montoya. I always have a moment to listen, a smile to  share, and a place in my heart for the people and animals on my  family’s rancho. Even that mean goat that eats my flowers. Some say  I’m too quiet, but I’m never shy about showing how much I care.
Today, I’ll use my heart to heal others.


Poor Josefina only got two books ;(.


Meet Addy—1864

Hope keeps my chin up. Family keeps my heart soaring.
I’m Addy Walker. I’ve escaped to a new life. My whole world is opening wide! I’m learning how to read and how to get around the city. And I’m learning that freedom doesn’t make everything easy. Through it all, family is what keeps me going. Just the thought of us all together gives me strength.
Today, I’ll keep my family strong.



She’s back, she’s prettier than ever, and we all want to buy her!

Meet Samantha—1904

Everyone needs help, and I have plenty to give.
I’m Samantha Parkington. I’ve never met a tree I couldn’t climb,  a rule I couldn’t ruffle, or a friend I couldn’t help. I’m all heart and always ready to lend a hand to somebody in need.
Today is my chance to help others.



That girl in the back looks pretty:). So does Rebecca.

Meet Rebecca—1914

What’s my greatest talent? Shining bright for others.
I’m Rebecca Rubin. I love to perform and tell jokes. And when I get  a chance to put my talents to good use, I act. I’m ready for any role  that lets me brighten people’s lives—whether gathering around the Sabbath candles with family, helping out a neighbor, or giving my all  in front of a crowd!
Today, my heart takes center stage.


Meet Kit—1934

Friends, smarts, and a can-do attitude are all a girl like me really needs.
I’m Kit Kittredge. I love putting my creativity to work. Of course, not all my big ideas turn out perfect. Like that time with the chickens. It sure  is fun to solve problems, though. Whether it’s a fussy old typewriter,  a school project, or a list of chores—I can figure out how to turn anything into a good time.
A better tomorrow is mine to create.



Meet Julie—1974

I’m bright and sunny on the outside. But, on the inside, I’m a real fighter.
I’m Julie Albright. I like school, hanging out with friends, and I play  on the basketball team. The boys’ basketball team. I’ll take on any  challenge. Sometimes, I take on too much. But that’s ok—everything  will turn out groovy in the end, I just know it.
Now is my time to stand up and fight for what’s right.



Here they are in the store!


Here’s Samantha.



They have their own inspired outfits. Cool!

Mommy, are WE going to get a doll?

Uh, maybe Saige.

What about Samantha? Or Isabelle? Or Caroline? Or, or-

That’s it for now Saige.












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