Wow… Lots of awards! I’ll start off with one I made, based off of this:

Love that commercial. For those of you who don’t have twitter, blog!



The Like a Girl Award!


*Copy the image and put it on your blog post.

*Link back to the original post, so the rules don’t get mixed up.

*Give 1-5 examples of how you do like a girl, and include a picture if you want. Example:

I do karate like a girl.

Then, explain it:

I recently won the youth karate championship! Who says karate is for boys?  

*Nominate at least 5 other tween/teen girl bloggers.

*Display the image on your sidebar and/or awards page.

Here’s mine:

I play flag football like a girl.

My favorite moment was when I was rusher. I scarcely got the flags, once in practice and once in a game, but my coach said they didn’t get to take their time. I was really proud when I did it in the game. I chased the quarterback  into the end zone, and grabbed the flag and held it proudly in the air. I saw the ball. My teammate said I pulled it in time. I got my team a safety! I was so proud of myself :).

I nominate:

American Girl AJ!

Dandelions and Daisies!

Sweet as a Rose!

American Girl Doll House!

AGD Time!

Happy House of AG!

Delightful World of Dolls!

Small Dolls in a big World!

Treasured Friendships With a Flair (Christian Homeschooler + CutePolarBear)!

Trying to think, who did I miss? If I didn’t nominate you, just ask.


Thanks, AJ! And KR!

Her questions:

Who’s worse Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber?

IDK! I guess that’s for God to decide. Apparently, all sins are equal to Him.

Cake or ice cream?

Ice cream! Or ice cream cake!

Which hairstyle would you pick: long auburn wavy hair or long straight strawberry blond hair?

Long auburn wavy hair!

What are your thoughts on Isabelle?

She was okay. I still think they make the GOTYs rich and spoiled (I mean, come on. The only person she worries about is herself, not even her sister!)

The Voice or American Idol?

I think the voice is pretty cool.

Same nominations. Questions:

Frozen, Tangled, or Maleficent?

What historically famous person (f.e. Martin Luther King Jr.) do you look up to?

Which one would you rather ride, airplane or train?

Singing or dancing?

Favorite GOTY?

What is your favorite color?


Next is the Liebster Award.  Thanks, AJ!

Here are her questions:

What wacky color(orange, fire red, green, etc.) would you dye your hair if you had to?

Pink or blue.

Be a firefighter, police officer, or a doctor?

Police officer (don’t get me started).

Idina Menzel or Kristen Bell?

Idina! Did any of you catch her singing the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl?

The song Only Human or Titanium?

I haven’t even heard of either.

American Idol or The Voice?

The Voice.

Name a new doll after your friend, family member, or your pet?


Pizza or hamburger?

PIZZA! I had three slices for lunch :).

Do you use any social media(Instagram, Facebook, etc.)?

Just blogging and FaceTime/iMessage. I have to be the regulation age. Oh, 13 years, you are so far away!

Sing or dance?

Sing! (I wanna set the world on fire, until it’s burning bright for you!)

Play the drums or guitar?


Be an expert at one thing or okay at 20 things?

Expert at one thing.

Earrings or rings?

Earrings. I barely wear rings. Until I get married (10 years away!).

Same nominations.


Next, another award from AJ!

Here are the rules:

1. Nominate at least 5 people

2. Add this award to your side bar

3. Let your nominees know you nominated them

4. Come up with 5 ?s and they must have to do with animals

5. Have fun!

Here are her questions:

Sea creatures or African animals (elephant, giraffes, etc.)

Sea creatures.

Dogs or cats?

Um, whichever one is more tame.

Ride a horse or groom a horse?


Have a pet dog or 20 cats?

A pet dog,

Ostriches or Walruses?


Same nominations. Here are your questions:

Google “Chinese animal calendar.” What animal are you?

Do you have any pets?

If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?

If you had to become an animal, what would it be?

What animal do you love to see at the zoo?


Another award from AJ, the Random Award!

Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the rules.

2. Nominate at least three, up to ten bloggers who you think are wonderfully random, in the best way possible.
3. Come up with six totally random questions, each one unrelated to the last. It’s random, right?
4. Let your nominees know they have been nominated somehow.
5. Add this reward to your sidebar.
6. Have as much fun as possible and be as random as you like#5@

Here are the questions:

Agoverseasfan or basilmentos?

I don’t watch them.

Stop motion or photo shoot?

Stop motion.

Be the model or the photographer?


Play yourself in a movie about you or have your favorite actress play you and if you’d rather have your favorite actress play you, who would that be?

 I’d rather have someone else, if it was supposed to be me (sounds weird), and it would be Idina Menzel (if she could look like me and become my age XD).

Ski resort or beach vacation?

Beach vacation.

Same nominations. Here are your questions:

 Do you like awards? Why or why not?

Hashtags or dollar signs?

How many blogs do you have?

What is your dream job?

What is your favorite place to go shopping for clothes? Grocery store (not fun)?

18 inch dolls or minis?


Final award from AJ and KR.


You must nominate at least 5 people.

Come up with 5 ?s for your nominees to answer. Comment on their blog that you nominated them.

Her questions:

What is your fav music genre?

I like Christian Pop.

What is your fav state?

New York! I went there once and I loved it.

Coconut the dog or Licorice the cat?


Grace or Isabelle?


If you could star in a new beforever movie, what doll would you want to star as?


#1 If you got a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Lots of  different things.
#2 Who is your favorite music Artist?

Britt Nicole!
#3 What actor/actress do you look up to?

#4 What is your favorite color to where in the summer?

#5 What are your top 3 books, at the moment?

IDK. The Series of Unfortunate Events, for one.
#6 If you could give one piece of advice to your past self, what would it be? (I know Eve gave me this question, but I think it’s a great question. So I had to use it!)

Don’t be afraid to tell people how you really feel.

Same questions as AJ’s, and KR’s last one.

 Phew! That was a lot. Do I have any more? I don’t think so.


P.S. Operation Escape soon!

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