Awesome Food Award!

Hey everyone! I was nominate by Emma to do the awesome food award. Thank you! Also, it’s close to Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate, I guess.


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions asked.

3. Come up with 10 more questions. (They must be food related!)

4. Nominate others to do the challenge.

1. What is the best dessert you have ever had?

Milkshakes. 🙂

2. What are your thoughts on caramel?
3. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?
4. What is the best savory dish you have had?
I don’t know, Éclair cake, maybe.
5. How many pieces of pizza have you had in one serving?
Normally 2 0r 3.
6. What’s the biggest food you’ve eaten?
Um… I don’t eat big foods.
7. What food makes you shudder?
Stuffing. Ah!
8. Are you hungry right now?
A little.
9. What’s your favorite food combination (such as chocolate with peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, etc)?
Poptarts and peanut butter.
10. What was the last thing you ate?
An orange.
My nominees are:
Mattie @
Megan @ A Barefoot Gal
Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes
Here are your questions:
1. What is your favorite dessert?
2. What food makes you want to throw up?
3. What are your favorite ice cream toppings?
4. Favorite kind of pizza?
5. What are your Thanksgiving food favorites?
6. What is your favorite fruit + vegetable?
7. Hot chocolate or coffee?
8. Cookies or cake?
9. What is your ideal breakfast?
10. Have you ever eaten in your sleep?
That’s all for now!

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