Beautiful People #22: Couples Edition (ft. Competitive People)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the part of the show when I bring in two couples, each from different books, each claiming not to be a couple, and each saying that Valentine’s Day is long over. Please give around of applause to Kamri/Mason from Halfway to 14 and Kaelin/Trey from Fantasy Gossip! *better titles may be coming soon* *click names for pictures, not mine (I wasn’t able to show the web links without spamming up the page with random images, so if these are yours and you would like a photo credit let me know)*

10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_n1. How and why did they meet?

Kamri: *glares at Kaelin, realizing that Kaelin goes better with Mason* Well, me and Collin–

Mason: Collin’s not here.

Kamri: I know, but he’s part of that story. Besides that, me and Collin–

Trey: You mean Collin and I.

Kamri: Stop it! I don’t even know you! Fine, Collin and I were in the tree house, long story short, it broke and along with it my ankle and then–

Mason: You broke your ankle?

Kamri: Yes! Now let me finish. So, Mason had just gotten home from smart camp or whatever and then was really shady to Collin. He introduced himself, but didn’t really talk to me. What did happen to your tree house?

Mason: We’re rebuilding it. Anyway, it’s Kaelin and Trey’s turn.

Kaelin: Oh, I have to talk now, don’t I?

Trey: You’ll be fine.

Kaelin: Well, it was our first year, a few months in. We had seen each other a few times in classes, but we never really talked until he sat down at my table in the cafeteria and bet me that his dragon could beat Steve’s in a race. Apparently he’d given it a speed drink thing.

Trey: Sounds about right. But for the readers who don’t know, the dragons are teeny tiny, and everyone has one. They fit right in your palm.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Trey: Well, I’d noticed her around, and she was bored, and I was bored, so…

Kaelin: Some kid who was a little out of it.

Mason: Some pretty blonde who was at my house alone with Collin.

Kamri: Collin’s uptight brother who looks nothing like him. (Turns out, Collin’s adopted.) And you called me pretty again…

3. How would they prove their love for each other?

Kaelin: I… I didn’t know this was going to get all mushy.

Kamri: It is couple’s edition, apparently.

Mason: I say we skip this one.

Trey: Agreed.

Kamri: Of course, you know, it was our idea. ‘Member us, from the original Camp NaNo Novel?

Trey: Best for last. Besides, we’re plot driven. You’re character driven.

Kaelin: What’s wrong with character?

Kamri: *rolls eyes* Even the enemy agrees with us.

4. What would be an ideal date?

Mason: Not that I’ve thought about it, but I think all we ever do with just each other is study.

Kamri: Very true, but since this is COUPLE’S EDITION and we are the closest thing our author has to a couple *glares at Kaelin/Trey* what would it be?

Mason: Bowling.

Kamri: *laughs* Alright.

Trey: Dragon racing.

Kaelin: I would’ve said a nice dinner in the real world.

Trey: Well, since none of us are couples, and there are some obvious problems going on between us, how about we switch? You know, pretend to be in love and make up all these fake stories?

Kamri: Bad idea.

Kaelin: What if there was an escape question we didn’t want to answer? Like the previous one, which we already decided to skip?

Mason: That sounds good– just don’t tell anyone.

Kaelin: Wow, you got really rebellious really fast.

Kamri: That’s what he does.

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Kamri: Off topic, but turns out your story was partially inspired by our old one.

Kaelin: Just answer the question… seriously.

Mason: We disagree on a lot of things. Like, how much work should go into our homework projects, whose house to go over…

Kamri: *whispers to Mason* What does emphatically disagreeing mean?

Mason: Strongly.

Kamri: Oh, not much, not till later in the novel. Over stupid things, anyway. Your turn.

Trey: I dunno. Clara?

Kaelin: Shush! You know I like her too. We’re roommates, I kind of have to.

6. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

Mason: What? Not fair.

Kamri: I eat at your house all the time!

Mason: Right. You will eat, like everything, you’re always hungry but you don’t have a big appetite, you hate grape juice, love raw butter, and string cheese.

Kamri: You just made the last two up. Besides, I hate soggy pancakes. If Collin was here, he would have known that.

Mason: He’s not your fake boyfriend, though, he’s my brother.

Kamri: Yeah, but we’ve known each other longer.

Trey: You love fruit, and chocolate, will only have tea with a lot of honey, contrariwise only coffee without creamer, and enjoy throwing food at my face.

Kaelin: I didn’t know you knew what contrariwise meant, but yes, correct…

7. What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

Kaelin: I know that your parents died.

Trey: I know about your real secret writings. The ones you hide so Clara doesn’t push you to publish them and get you in deeper trouble.

Kaelin: *blushes* You’re not supposed to.

Trey: Yet you never write about me for that reason.

Kamri: I can see how you struggle to fit in. When we’re disagreeing, it’s so obvious you feel you have a standard to live up too.

Mason: I know where you live.

Kamri: One, that sounds creepy because no one will understand it, and two, Collin knew about it first. Pick another one.

Mason: Seriously? I know you keep the fact that you’re bilingual from your Spanish teacher, if that counts. And you’ve told me more boarding school stories. Along with the whole “not caring act”, you really do care, even if you don’t know it.

8. What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

Trey: About all the drama that goes on with my friends.

Kaelin: *muffled* That I like you even though there’s a reason we’re on couples edition and I think you like Clara instead.

Mason: I don’t have many secrets, but sometimes I keep a diary, if that counts.

Kaelin: Really? That’s literally the center of my story.

Kamri: My turn now… the same thing I keep from everyone, about my family life.

9. How would their lives be different without each other?

Kaelin: I would be really bored all the time.

Trey: I wouldn’t have an escape from the drama. With you, that’s just… gone. Despite the fact that you know everyone’s drama.

Kamri: I probably wouldn’t trust anyone. Ever.

Mason: Kamri… makes me think and feel in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Wow, that was really poetic, you guys… except for Kaelin’s–and she’s the writer.

10. Where do they each see this relationship going?

Trey: Relationship?

Kaelin: Relationship?

Mason: Relationship?

Kamri: Relationship?

Kaelin: We should use our escape question.

Kamri: Agreed. Kaelin/Mason and Kamri/Trey.

Mason: Alright, Kaelin, let’s do this!

Trey: Hey, Kamri… will you fake go out with me?

Kamri: Why not?

Trey: Well, Kamri and I have been fake dating for a long time now, so I suspect when we’re of age we’ll marry.

Kamri: What?!

Trey: We’re pretending.

Kaelin: I don’t know anything about you…

Mason: Just pretend.

Kaelin: I have a feeling we’re going to break up after this so we can each go back to our own stories, because it is way past Valentine’s Day.

Mason: Fair enough.

That’s it, guys! Did you enjoy seeing my April Camp NaNo characters fight, or was it just me? There were a lot of inside jokes in there that you would only get if you’ve read the books… that don’t exist yet. Anyway, I’ll posting around the first week of March the official descriptions of these novels. I also have realized that except for Mission: Prodigy, I’ve never really explained what my books are about. Whoops.

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