Beginner Blogger Tips

So, you just made a blog. Congratulations! Welcome to the blogosphere. Here are some tips to get you going:

1. Add color!

Add different pages, backgrounds, headers, anything!

2. Have good photos

Try to make sure most of your photos aren’t blurry. Also, make sure they are small, like 800 by 600 pixels. My camera naturally has it 2000+. You can fix this on

3.  Use good grammar

nobody waants too Try to decod somone elses writtng. See? It’s ok if it’s not perfect, but at least show your readers you’re trying.

4. Have a big blogger “circle”

Bloggers have little “circles” of blogs. They are the blogs you visit and the blogs that visit you. Make this circle big. Visit other blogs. Check out “Blogs I Love” pages on other sites.

5.  Have fun!

Be unique. Do what you think is cool.



Spam comments. Every blog gets them. Many blogs have spam catchers or catpcha. How do we tell what is spam?

A. It must be relevant to your blog.

B. It must be actual words, not one word or a word in another language.

The only exception is if they have proven a trustworthy comment before. Also, they sometimes can link your site in the comment like,  “Beginner Blogger Tips-Josie’s Blog is missing a lot of traffic.”

 Sorry I wasn’t able to post Saturday. I was busy almost the whole day, but I will try to do it next week instead.


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  1. Telling spam is easy. Usually spam is something like this,

    “Hi there, I love this post. It is just what I needed. Please check out my blog.”

    Then they’ll have a link. Never click on these links. Delete the comment and mark it as spam.

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yeah. They think we’re ignorant. I mean, we’re kids and we can tell spam from a real comment. It’s a useless effort to spam.

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