Belated Fri-Daily Devotion #2

Hi guys. I am so sorry. I haven’t done Fri-daily devotions on two weeks! I have today a fiction story loosely based on 2 Kings 4:1-7. I did it for my co-op newspaper.

“Dad, why did you have to leave us?” Chase asked sadly to the dead body being buried at the graveyard. His brother, Matthew, or Matt, was also upset. He was older though, and instead, comforted his younger brother. The boys and their mother, Anne, were left in great debt without their father’s job. Anne tried looking for a job without success. They owed $3,000 to the bank. Anne knew someone from the bank might come soon, and maybe even take their house.

The next day a man came to their house, and just as Anne suspected, something terrible would happen.

“Anne, you have one month to pay it back, or you lose your house,” the man threatened.


“You have nothing worth that much money. Only your house, which you have a loan on. And your car is broken down and worth $1oo at most,” He guessed. ” You have two weeks to pay half; that’s $1,500.”

Chase and Matthew overheard this conversation. They were scared.

“I don’t want to be homeless, Matt,” Chase said, scared.

“I know, I know. Don’t worry little brother,” Matthew consoled.

Even though Matthew was worried to death, he was determined to find a way to pay at least some of the money back. The boys each got an after-school job. Matthew got a job as a bus boy at a restraint, and Chase did odd jobs like lawn mowing and raking. At the end of the week, the boys counted their savings.

“Okay, we need $1, 500,” Matt said, hoping that they had enough.

“Can I count? Can I? Please? Please? “Chase asked excitedly.

“Yes, if you want,” Matthew said.

The boys counted for what seemed like hours. When they were done, they added their money together on the calculator.

“ $225,” Chase said.

“We don’t have nearly enough,” Matthew said.

“Does Mom have, uh, $1,275?” Chase asked.

“No Chase, she doesn’t,” Matthew said even sadder.

The boys told their mother about the money and the job, “Bless your hearts,” she said. Then, she decided to pray to God and ask Him what to do. Just then, the doorbell rang. Their neighbor, Joe, was at the door.

“Hello, Anne,” he said. “I was wondering if I could buy your car.”

“Our car?” she asked puzzled ay why he would want that piece of junk.

“Yes. You see, this is one of the first cars ever made. It is worth $5,000 dollars. Do you accept?” Joe asked.

“Yes! We accept! Thank you!” Anne shouted.

The family rejoiced and realized how much God loves them.

Did you like it?


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    1. Thanks. It went in my co-op newspaper. I am so excited. But it’s not like a regular newspaper. Anyone who wants to can join, but there are only two other people.

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