BIBPC #4 Entry #1: Artsy Angles

Weird title, I know. It just seemed better than leaving it at BIBPC #4 Entry #1. Anyway, Megan’s doing her FOURTH Boring into Beautiful Contest!

Team Fawn.jpg

I’m on Team Fawn, photo credit to Megan.


Story behind this photo (for extra points): I have this mason jar on my bookshelf where I keep all of my colored pencils. I couldn’t quite get the effect I wanted by holding it, so I used my tripod on the highest setting and pointed it down. I then cropped it so there wasn’t as much wall in the photo, resized it to fit my blog, and put the water mark on it, just in case.

Are any of you doing BIBPC? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. That’s so charming!

    Yikes. Charming. That’s what I get for looking in the thesaurus for a synonym of “pretty” because I didn’t want to copy what Grace said. *facepalm*

    You get the idea, don’t you? XD BIBPC sounds really fun! Have you even been on a team that has won? Do you get to pick which team you’re on? I’d pretty much die if I couldn’t pick a team with the best photographers already. XP


    1. XD Thank you! I’m peculiar about that kind of thing too.
      I was on the winning team for the first BIBPC, though none after that. You do get to say what teams you’d prefer to be on, but Megan chooses and makes sure that the distribution is even (say, a six person team with two phones, two digitals, and two DSLRs, though probably not that perfect).

      1. You’re welcome! 😛

        Ahh, okay. So there wouldn’t be a team with one great camera and five other phones, but the distribution is even… Megan is smart. XD If I ever start a personal blog one day, BIBPC totally sounds like something I’d be interested in! I’m going to go read about it now…

  2. Awesome picture, Josie! I’m on team fox, my picture was featured when Megan announced category two!!

    Go Team Fox!!! Oh, wait, well, we’re on different teams… LOL! 😛 I like your blog! 😀

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