Big Hero Six

We went to the movies today and saw Big Hero Six. I am going to do a short review for those of you who may want to see this movie.

This movie takes place in a Japan-like city called San Fransokayo, combination of San Francisco and Japan, but don’t worry, it is an English movie. Hiro (pronounced Hero) is a smart 14-year-old who graduated high school the year before. Hiro is interested in mini robot making/battling. One day, his brother shows him his collage project: a doctor robot named Beta Max (Bay-Max). Bata Max can heal, detect allergies, and even help emotionally. When Hiro decides this is the school for him, Hiro makes a cool invention to show at the student fair in hopes to get in. When his brother dies in a fire at the school right after, Hiro is depressed. He discovers someone stole his invention and wants to use it for evil, he upgrades Beta Max and helps his brother’s collage friends make suits with their science knowledge (and makes one for himself) and go to fight the evil man.

This movie is a family comedy. However, one of the scenes includes a large gas sound, a little inappropriate. The rest is good, and the  audience laughed several times when I went to see it. A couple scenes were a little scary for the younger kids, but all in all, this was a good, appropriate movie. Is it the next Frozen? I don’t know, but it is a good story with good morals. I rate this movie 4.8 stars out of five.


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  1. I don’t think I want to see it. It doesn’t sound like something I’m into. It actually sounds a little depressing. Thanks for the review!

  2. Josie,
    A couple of corrections on your review. The city it is set in is the fictional city of San Fran Sokyo. A combination of San Francisco and Tokyo. The Robot’s name is Beta Max. The movie in my opnion is better than it sounds though. The main story is that 14 year old Hiro assembles a team of superhero’s from his brother’s college friends led mostly by the Robot Beta Max who is designed to help others but Hiro upgrades him to fight bad guys. Beta Max is very funny and teaches Hiro to help others rather than just getting revenge.


  3. Sorry I was wrong about the name. Here is a review from common sense media. By the way is that 4.8 out of 5?

    Parents need to know that Big Hero 6 is an action-packed animated adaptation of the same-titled superhero comic that’s likely to attract younger kids as well as tweens/teens who are already fans of the Marvel universe. The movie is an unconventional origin story that focuses on the power of brotherhood, friendship, and using your gifts to help others. One of the film’s main themes is about coping with grief, as the main character’s beloved older brother (his only immediate family) tragically dies early in the film; Hiro’s sadness may be hard for sensitive kids. Another near death is very upsetting, and there are sometimes-intense confrontations between the movie’s scary supervillain and the protagonists that injure but don’t kill people. On the other hand, the central robot, Baymax, was designed to heal not hurt, and his moral code influences other characters in positive ways. With its refreshingly diverse cast and uplifting message, Big Hero 6 is a captivating adventure story for the entire family.

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