Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: A Doll’s Guide to Putting on a Play

Welcome back to Camp Dolliwatha! I’m going to be showing you and your dolls how to put on a play. Whether you want to make a stop motion, blog post, or just want to have a fun time with some friends, you’re sure to have a fun time.



I learned how to write a screenplay here, and you can use that for a play too. Of course, you don’t have to go through all of that and just make it up as you go. A classic campfire skit never goes wrong too. To make a doll sized script, staple about five pieces of paper together then cut around the staple to make it doll sized.

Theatre, Backdrop, and Scenes

Dollhouses make great places to put on a play, but if you don’t have that, get creative. Print out an image with a background you like, and tape it to a wall for your dolls to use as a backdrop. Between acts you can switch it up.

Hair and Costume

Using what you have you can create awesome costumes for your dolls. I’ll be doing another post specifically on this, so I won’t go to far. If you don’t have that many doll clothes, you can make a simple dress by putting a human sized tank top on your dolls and clip it in the back.


Now, you might be reading this post and decide this activity would be boring. So, I challenge you to make a play using one of the following characters:

A fun loving aunt 

A seven year old with a love of crossword puzzles 

A teen prodigy who lives in a tree house so they can experiment


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        1. Being homeschooled, I haven’t been in any traditional plays like you would in a public school acting program, but I’ve done one play with my co-op and a practiced improv play. I’m going to be in a version of Alice in Wonderland with an acting camp I’m going to. How about you?

          1. Same here. The local community theatre has a kids’ acting program that lasts half the year that I’ve participated in for four years, so thankfully I’ve gotten to perform often. My favorite shows were Annie JR. and Seussical JR. Our theatre is doing Alice in Wonderland as well! I can’t wait. 🙂

          2. I tried to get into the local community theatre, but the people hosting it were very un-Christian so I’m trying a different theatre (the one holding the acting camp.).

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