Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: Movie Star Buns


Welcome back to day three of my week of Camp Dolliwatha! Today I’m going to show you a hairstyle your dolls can wear on and offset.

I want to apologize real quick, I’ve been so busy today I wanted to wait until I had a lot of time to make a quality camp post for you guys instead of a quick, put together one.

*Disclaimer: I did edit photos due to bad lighting. (I tried my best, but I only had the worst camera with my bedroom lighting, and I want you all to be able to see the instructions.


1. Start with a ponytail, anywhere you want.


2. Fishtail braid the ponytail. If you don’t know how to fishtail braid, it’s not too hard. Here is a tutorial (for humans, but you can use it on dolls. I just wouldn’t take their advice on the elastics).


3. “Pancake” the braid- pull the strands apart, making it large and messy.


4. Take off the ponytail at the end of the fishtail. I braided the extra hair at the bottom and pancaked that too.

5. Wrap the braid around itself, making a bun. Secure with ponytails and/or bobby pins.

If you made this hairstyle, email Loren up to three pictures at She’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!

Hey, Fiction vs. Fantasy Writers! The next challenge was posted here yesterday!


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