Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: Trailer Stars

Image from Happy House of AG

Welcome day one of my week hosting Camp Dolliwatha! You may be a reader of my blog, or you may have never heard of my blog before camp. Either way, welcome!

In case you didn’t know, my theme is acting. Also, sorry to everyone on the eastern side of America for this being up so late! I’ve been busy with fair projects, so I’ve got my hands full this week. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be up nice and early for you!

For my first craft, we’re going to be making trailer stars. Who doesn’t want your name in glittery letters on your trailer when you star in a movie?

You’re going to need:

Construction Paper

A Printout of a Star




Alternatively, you can use a marker instead of glue and glitter.


1. Trace your star cutout on the yellow paper. (I got mine from here)


2. Cut the paper along your lines, so you have a colored star. This step is optional, you can just use the paper you printed out.


3. Write your doll’s name in the center of the paper. The letters need to be large and far apart for this to work.


4. Put the glue on the letters. Try to get it nice and thick. If you have it, glitter glue is a good thing to use instead.

5. Pour glitter onto the glue.

6. Let this dry for a little while, maybe twenty minutes (if you want more camp things to do, go do the crafts from Loren’s week if you haven’t already!)


7. Once the glue is completely dry, shake the extra glitter off.

Ta-da! Your first acting themed craft. You can put this in your doll’s bedroom, on their door, or even use this as a decoration for your room.

If you made this craft, email Loren up to three pictures at She’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!

Come back tomorrow for another day of Camp Dolliwatha!

For my Fiction vs. Fantasy writers, all of the challenges being posted this week will be on a page. They will be posted at the same time as my Camp Dolliwatha posts, so you don’t get confused. The next challenge will be posted tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll be creating a new page, probably called something like “Fiction vs. Fantasy Challenges”.

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