3 Acting Tips to Make Your Character to Come to Life

Guess what? Somehow in the past three years, I’ve published almost 300 blog posts. *mind blown*

Anyway, since I’ve posted about writing mostly these past few months, I’m going to blog in a category I haven’t yet: acting.

These tips are just from my experience as an actress. I’m not famous, haven’t been on Broadway, or gotten my own show, but I have had experience in plays, film (growing up a media-maker’s daughter), and watching plenty of informational YouTube videos.

Disclaimer: When I say make them come to life, please do not mistake me for Dr. Frankenstein. We are actors, not scientists. What I mean is how to make them come to life through your acting. Thank you.

1. Backstory

Even the smallest characters who only have one line, or perhaps none at all, have a backstory. Think about this when you’re acting in the scenes. Yes, even if you’re playing a tree.

The way your character has lived before the script was created affects everything in the scenes they’re in. Sometimes, the writers have already created a backstory. Build on that through dialogue and blocking.

Think about how their scenes make them react. If they had a traumatic experience with their brother choking on a cookie, and her friend’s mom offers chocolate chip cookies, she may have a flash of horror then politely disagree. Of course, make sure it actually has something to do with the script, like if there was a scene later that night when your character tells her friend about the incident. Don’t take over the script, either! Just subtle hints here and there make your character come alive.

2. Interpretation

I’m going to show you an exercise I did with my brother to get him ready for the auditions for the church play. Read over a few of your lines. Now, take the character you’re auditioning for/playing and write down four traits you see in them from the dialogue.

Read it again, this time, using your motions and tone of voice to show those traits. One thing I see in a lot of young or new actors is they simply read the lines they’re given. Do not do this. Read the action tags, incorporate them with your lines. Take sighs when you’re sad. Smile when you’re happy. Tapping in to your character’s emotions will make them come alive. 

3. Really, really love it

Love acting. Love your character, no matter how small or large the part is. Love the emotions, and play on them. Just really have a good time, and it will bleed into your performance. I see a lot of people doing acting because “why not” or “I hate all the other classes for this period”. Don’t. Just really, really love it. The fact that you’re reading articles about acting already shows part of your commitment. Live it. That will make your character come alive.

I hope this helps you with your acting! If you liked this post, leave a comment or share it on social media!

Do you want more acting posts? Let me know what kinds of posts you would like! Maybe a theatre/film FAQ, or a BTS of how a theater or film production works?

March Goals

Before I begin, let’s go into last months’! I apologize in advance for a long post. I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Things I Did

Begin plotting out Halfway to Fourteen Yes! Still needs some tweaking, but it’s done.

Begin developing other Camp NaNo Novel Fantasy Gossip, yes.

Go for quality over quantity As I only posted like four times and have been developing stuff way in advance, I’d say I did this.

Learn my new ukulele! This turned out very well, I think. I already know guitar, so this wasn’t as hard.

♥Bake a new recipe Twice!

Read more books Not counting today, the 28th, I’ve read 12 books, as opposed to 5 last month.

Survive the greeting card class that I’m teaching I think I only died once!

Things I Sort of Did

Finish reading through Mission: Prodigy, and for bonus points, start on draft two I stopped reading halfway because the plot broke, and I couldn’t. I did start on draft two, though. Bonus points?

Post all the random drafts I have I worked on some, I think I posted one.

Brainstorm a new writing series I thought of a few ideas, but nothing really stuck out.

Work on my Bloglovin page I tried to fix my image problem. Sort of worked. Sort of didn’t.

Continue to attempt to practice my instruments more often I sort of did? More often than I usually do, but still not enough.

Be involved in the activities at the new acting workshop I’m going to I literally just meant the monologue competition. There’s like nothing else.

♥Work on writing the play for my school project At the beginning of the month, not so much at the end.

Things I Didn’t do

Finish Dragon’s Fire *sigh* I knew this wouldn’t get done anyway.

Work on the collab novel with Heidi Nope.

Make fair projects Except for Winterfare, none.

♥Get in the habit of using my bullet journal Just a few times this month.

Take more pictures Nope.

Print out more pictures Not this either.

♥Do at least one thing on the bucket list I made with my friend I knew we couldn’t do it anyway. But I will see her this weekend, so….

♥Read my Bible every day There’s been so much going on, and it’s so easy to forget. Especially when we excuse it with “I went to church”.

So, I’m pretty happy with most of that. Onto March’s!

Filler image.

Writing Goals

♥Finish plot for Halfway to Fourteen

♥Finish plot for Fantasy Gossip

♥Complete the writing exercises in Writer to Writer

♥Mostly finish Prodigies editing for draft 2

♥Make up your mind about Camp NaNoWriMo

Blogging Goals

♥Prepare some posts for March

♥Post everything you promised you would in your last post

♥Discover a few new blogs!

♥Put up a “Spring cleaning” blog survery

♥Post non-writing stuff

Music/Art/Theatre Goals

♥Make it a habit to practice my instruments

♥Learn some challenging songs

♥Do at least five craft projects

♥Pick out a monologue

Etc. Goals

♥Beat last month’s book list!

♥Keep up with school

♥Read the Bible more often

♥Create more realistic goals

♥Do more of the bucket list stuff when I see Amy

I think that’s all! What are your goals for this month? Let me know, or link to your post!


Hello, everyone! Back in spring, I was in a commercial! I just want to say I wasn’t paid or sponsored to say this, I’m sharing my experience of being in a commercial and helping promote a good cause.

LifeCulture Apparel makes pro-life clothing. The hand drawn designs are super pretty! My church’s youth group was invited to participate in the commercial, so about fifteen of us took a road trip to the filming place. For lunch, they provided pizza, snacks, and soda. We waited there for about 30-45 minutes.

After lunch, we walked over to the “barn” (reinvented to be a basement/hangout place). The youth were in groups of about four to seven, and there were some families as well. We got to choose the shirt or hoodie we wanted to wear. I chose this shirt. It was a kid size, but I think they ended up making them larger too.

The first part of the filming (while we were there) took the groups and filmed them laughing and hanging out. It took place upstairs, where a film crew and decorations were set up. The families with little kids went first, then the youth groups went.

My group was told to take weird, large steps while we were filming, which ended up looking like we were in slow motion. They also gave us other poses while they filmed and took pictures of us modeling the clothes.

After the groups, they did talents. I saw a ballerina, guitarist, and violinist. They were all extremely talented!  Once they finished, they asked if anyone wanted to do individuals. Of course, my pastor said “I know a girl who would love to do one!” That’s what I get for talking about acting at lunch…

Two of my friends went with me and we filmed on the bridge outside. Other people got shots walking and playing.

I bet you’re all dying to see this video, now aren’t you?

The clothes are now on their website for pre-sale. I recommend this hoodie (it was my favorite, but the size they had didn’t fit me). If you pause at 0:01, you can see my friend wearing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading!


Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: Runway

Welcome to my last day of Camp Dolliwatha! Next week, Marissa will be taking over.

(And this is the point where I get distracted by fireworks outside my window.)


Tulle makes a really good “red” carpet. Paper works too. Or, if you actually have a red carpet, use that.


Saige is ready with her bun from a couple days ago!


And the papparazi, with a camera I made by cutting out paper, drawing on it to make it look like a camera, then tying holes around it. If you want, you can print out an actual image of a camera.

If you decided to try any of these crafts or activities this week, take a picture (three maximum) and send it to Loren @ happyhouseofag@gmail.com, and she’ll include your posts in the recap tomorrow!


Camp Dolliwatha: Scripts

*Image belongs to happyhouseofag.wordpress.com.

Welcome back to Camp Dolliwatha! A couple days ago I briefly mentioned a DIY script for your dolls, but since it can be hard to follow instructions with just words, I’m going to show you how I made it (formed a little differently as to not waste paper).


1. Cut a small stack of paper in half.


2. Put the papers in one stack and staple a corner.


3. I cut the stapled papers in half. I flipped the half with the staple on it. If you want to make two scripts, staple the other half together too.


4. Write the script title on it, and if you want, even write a play for your dolls. I think it’s my penmanship making the photo blurry- my title says “The Legend of Camp Dolliwatha”.

If you made this craft, email Loren up to three pictures at happyhouseofag@gmail.com. She’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!


Guys, tomorrow is the last day to send in your Fiction vs. Fantasy stories!