Beautiful People #24 ~ Parents ft. Plot Bunnies + Editing


So, a few months ago, I discovered the joy of having multiple characters from multiple novels. (You can see the weirdness here. I must say, it was fun to write.) Anyway, here’s one of the more… interesting topics in YA: parents!

Ft. Kamri Taylor and Collin Jones, who I chose because they have the most interesting situations in the story dealing with parents. Ignore the fact that I’ve used Kamri many times but I’ve never used Collin

1. Overall, how good is their relationship with their parents?

Collin: My mom and I have a good relationship, I guess. From what I can remember, my dad and I did too.

Kamri: I haven’t met them; at least, not since I was little and couldn’t remember much.

Collin: What about Kait?

Kamri: She’s my sister, not my parent.

Collin: But she’s your guardian.

Kamri: Fine, Kait and I have an okay relationship. Happy now?

Collin: Yes.

2. Do they know both their biological parents? If not, how do they cope with this loss/absence and how has it affected their life?

Kamri: See? You could have waited for this question!

Collin: We didn’t know they were going to ask that. Anyway, I don’t know my biological parents. I was adopted when I was a baby. I guess it affects my life. I mean, it feels like I’m not a part of the family sometimes. Before I came, it was Mom, Dad, and Mason, and it probably would have been the perfect family.

Kamri: Long story short: My parents had a hard time with custody over me, but I was sent to boarding school for three years after the divorce. I spent the summers in foster care. When I finished school, my adult-aged sister, Kait, won my custody. I dunno how it affects my life. It’s just… my life.

3. How did their parents meet?

Collin: Um… they were in the same college class or something.

Kamri: Kait won’t tell me anything about them.

Collin: Shouldn’t Josie answer, then?

Kamri: Who?

4. How would they feel if they were told: “you’re turning out like your parent(s)”?

Collin: Very, very awkward.

Kamri: Confused.

5. What were your character’s parents doing when they were your character’s age?

Kamri: Legally, they’d have to be in school.

Collin: What she said.

6. Is there something they adamantly disagree on?

Collin: I mean, there’s the whole not-feeling-like-part-of-the-family thing, but we never talk about that.

Kamri: Kait and I don’t talk much, but when we do we don’t really disagree on things.

7. What did the parent(s) find hardest about raising your character?

Kamri: Probably trying to raise someone who’s only ten years younger than you.

Collin: Trying to make me be social?

8. What’s their most vivid memory with their parental figure(s)?

Collin: Sheesh, why are these so hard? Um… back when we had the family camping trip.

Kamri: The last I saw of my mother.

Collin: I think you’re supposed to go in detail.

Kamri: I don’t wanna go in detail. You didn’t.

Collin: Yes I — never mind.

9. What was your character like as a baby/toddler?

Kamri: I’ve been told I was very stubborn.

Collin: I’ve been told I was quiet. No one could get me to talk, ever. See, I do go in detail!

Kamri: Uh-huh. Sure…

10. Why and how did the parents choose your character’s name?

Collin: Well, I already had a name when I was adopted, so I have no clue.

Kamri: Well, there were the twins, Kyle and Kait, and then they had to have another “K” name, so Kamryn it was. Who’s going into detail now?

Collin: Not you.

Ta-da! Do you like doing Beautiful People? Do you like character interviews so much you don’t mind I’ve done two in like, the same week? No? Do you even write?!!??! ‘

Ahem. That’s my weary traveler brain.

Okay so I promised plot bunnies and editing so HERE THEY ARE. SORRY MAY.

Plot Bunnies: I got a plot bunny from a street name (XD) but now I have a story for May Twilley and Aubri Evergreen that will be written in the next year.

Editing: Okay so “Death by editing” is in my notes?? Let’s just say draft two is taking a number on me. But I’m excited about the edits I have planned for Draft Three and Four. BUT DRAFT TWO. X_X

Camp NaNoWriMo Recap #2 + Snippets

Hello, everyone! This is super late, but basically a recap of my last two weeks of Camp, plus snippets. I know —  another writing post when I promised more diversity :0 but bear with me because I think recaps are fun to read. You also get like four snippets.

Note: this is my crazy NaNo brain that wrote these, so… I did format it differently, though, so it should be somewhat easier to read. This is not meant to brag, it’s just for fun. I didn’t make a featured image (it’s not like it would be on bloglovin anyway).

Day Eight

DWC: 2350

I was a bit drained from the past week, and I was also in the state capital most of the day with my friend Amy. (Amy! I don’t think any of you will remember her but here is a post from my cringy days and here is our just as cringy video. You know, from back when I was actually like twelve? I look way different now XD)

Day Nine

DWC: 1812

This was my worst day because I was busy most of the day. However, I did write some very fun scenes that day. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO CRASH AND BURN. My apologies to Kamri, Mason, Erin, Kaelin, and Trey. Collin and Clara are in the clear for now. Good job, guys.

Day Ten

DWC: 2887

Mondays and school and math, yay! School can be a big distraction to writing (and a very reasonable one), but I did get some words in and that’s good.

Day Eleven

DWC: 3000

I hit 60k! I can’t believe my novels are so close to getting finished, it seems surreal that the ideas were just in my head (one for a month, the other for over a year) and now they’re real and on paper!

Day Twelve

DWC: 2451

My goal is to finish before winning begins now! *gasp*

Day Thirteen

DWC: 2072

Nothing much today. Characters fighting, evil winning, same old, same old.

Day Fourteen

DWC: 3585

My word count is getting back up there! Tomorrow is “sprint day”, so I think I may get really close to finishing Fantasy Gossip! AHHHH I’m almost to the climaxes WHAT EVEN.

 Day Fifteen

DWC: 6893

I hit the 75% mark today! I can’t believe how close the first drafts are to being finished– and I think I’m actually going to edit and let people read them. I’ve only let one person read one of my books entirely (my mom has read a few chapters of my first book, and one of my friends the first two of a book that I discarded, and my other friend who is probably reading this has read all of my first book).

I just realized that one of the characters in my first books has the same name and personality as one of my friends, who I didn’t meet until long after that character was created. O_O

Day Sixteen

DWC: 5004

Never mind the difference in word processing programs. I pretty much just hit the climax for Fantasy Gossip, and the one for Halfway to Fourteen is coming really soon. Maybe I can actually finish one tomorrow! Or the day after. We don’t have school tomorrow, so I can spend a bunch of time on writing.

Day Seventeen

DWC: 5611

Woah, I’m so close to finishing my novels! (I say that a lot XD) This is insane. Not much to report today.

Day Eighteen

DWC: 5442

Well, Fantasy Gossip decided to stick around a bit longer, and Halfway to Fourteen is closing a lot shorter. I thought they were going to end up being too long, but they may end up being a bit short (right now, they’re at ~45k each). If I can do 9k tomorrow, then I’ll win before winning begins! The problem is, when I did the 10k days before, the words kinda just fit together. The words kinda stopped flowing recently.

Day Nineteen

DWC: 3697

I didn’t get as many words as I wanted to because I was busy most of the day — I want to sprint a 10k+ day to finish before winning. I did end up planning the last few scenes of both novels, so it should run a bit smoother tomorrow. Also, apparently my word program is like 2000 words off. Oh well. 

Day Twenty

DWC: “8470”/5527

Total Word Count: “103, 224″/100,281

First, allow me to explain that these “” are what my processor, Open Office, says, and the other ones are what the validator says (sadly, the validator seems to be right, but more on that later).


I completed Halfway to Fourteen and Fantasy Gossip, both approximately a little over 50k words. My word processor was a little behind, so I had to make up for it today.

Either way, I think choosing to write two novels at the same time was the best decision I ever made. Typically, I wrote 500 words for one novel, then switched, and so on and so forth. This kinda punched writer’s block in the face, so I was able to take full advantage of my writing speed.

Now for some (rough draft) snippets, whether you want them or not! I’m surprised I got any readable parts, but yeah. Here they are: first three from Fantasy Gossip, and the second three from Halfway to Fourteen.

“I took a huge risk getting these, so be very careful with them–”

Trey drops his.

“Whoops. Won’t happen again,” he says as he drops it again. “Okay, for real this time.”

“It is so weird there,” Ava says. “They’re teaching– normal classes.”
I shudder. “Normal classes? You mean like… Teleportation, right?”
“No, like math, and English, and – it’s so scary!”

Why do I keep getting caught up in teams of two girls and one boy? It’s like, really annoying. Emphasis on the boy part.

“Books are crazy and unrealistic,” I say. “They give you huge expectations about life and then you grow up and realize that it’s wrong!”

Mason sighs. “Kamri, what is into you lately?”

“Reality, Mason!”

“Can we get this over with?” I ask.

“I thought you wanted to do this,” Isaiah says.

I try to think of an answer quickly. What did Erin and Mason tell them? “I… do! It’s just I’m very, very busy and have places to be that definitely aren’t metro stations and alleyways.”

“Okay, then, don’t let me stop you?”

“You know, I always felt that there was something cool about you guys,” I say.
Collin puts his hands up in the air in mock offense. “Woah. Hold up. You didn’t think we were cool before? All our work was for nothing?”
“Pretty much.”

I hope you enjoyed this post, as long as it is! (Also, I wrote my first post on The Young and Dreaming! You can check it out here.)

How is Camp NaNoWriMo going for you guys? FILL THE COMMENTS WITH YOUR UPDATES. I MUST KNOW.

Focus {April} + The Goodbye Movie

So, yet another Camp NaNoWriMo post! Mostly, anyway. Allie created a link up for all the camping writers out there, and it was so fun to fill out!

We’re halfway through NaNoWriMo. How’s your novel going?

Pretty good! I am so close to finishing Fantasy Gossip and Halfway to Fourteen. It’s so surreal that they were just ideas in my head and now they’re out on paper.

Where are you struggling the most in your writing?

I think accidentally added in a lot of plot irrelevant scenes (whoops. #sorrynotsorry), and sometimes there are parts where it drags on a lot. Quick tip I learned: if you find that your writing is boring you, that part is probably unnecessary, and it’s going to be even more boring for the reader.

Where are you doing the best in your writing?

Character! I love my characters so much, I’m having so much fun taking them on their journeys.

Music helps. So, what are your writerly idyllic tunes?

guitar pick:


Here’s my Halfway to Fourteen playlist, and here’s my Fantasy Gossip playlist. The Halfway to Fourteen playlist has a fun, vibrant feel to reflect the plot, and the Fantasy Gossip playlist has a mellow, whimsical feel which matches the characters and the plot.

Where are you in your word count goal? And how do you do with word sprints?

I’m eight days ahead, and I’m hoping to get to 100k before winning begins, which actually looks possible right now. Word sprints are great, but they have to be small. I can’t sit down and sprint a thousand words once, but I can sprint a hundred words ten times.

What encourages you to keep writing?

My cabin mates, my will to write, my will to succeed, and my love for my stories.

PUSH! How much will you try to write one of these days to burst forward in your word count?

If I get to where I want today, I’m going to write about 7k tomorrow, though it might end up to be more like 10k+.

What’s your strategy for focusing?

The key to writing is to stop thinking about writing and start thinking about what's happening in the story.:


As I said above, work small. Write ten words. Coming up with an idea for ten words isn’t hard, and you’ll likely stop in the middle of a sentence. Then, you finish the sentence. By then, you have an idea for the paragraph, then an idea for the page, and so on.

What is your favorite element of your novel?

SPIES! Just kidding. My aesthetics are “Live while you’re young” and “Nothing is impossible”.

What is your plan after your first draft?

I hope to edit the second drafts on a road trip where I’ll have lots of free time, then third/fourth draft in July, and I’ll possibly have betas (!). I have a top secret plan for Fantasy Gossip, but I don’t have a clue about Halfway to Fourteen.

So, on the other hand, Madi made a stop motion movie! It’s really amazing and you must watch it! In fact, here it is:

How’s Camp NaNoWriMo going for you all? How do you feel about link ups? Do you like stop motions (hint: yes!)? Should I do more diverse posts, or do you like reading my writing related posts more?

Camp NaNoWriMo Recap // Week One

Welcome to my first Camp NaNoWriMo recap, where I share the story of how I accidentally on purpose got 50k in seven days. Mind anything weird in this post, I am in the writing process which has made me a tad insane.

Mind the weird math in some of this, I haven’t been keeping exact track like I probably should be, but thankfully Camp NaNoWriMo keeps all the most important stuff handy for me.

Day One

Wordcount for the Day: 10,003

Total Wordcount: 10,003

Today was a great start! Working on two novels has actually made my writing process so much easier. What I’ve been doing is writing 500 words on each novel, then switching back and forth. It’s been less draining, surprisingly, since I haven’t had to work on the same novel the whole time.

Day Two

Word Count for the Day: 8000

Total Word Count: 18,003

I’d hoped to get 10k again, but I still got a pretty good word count. I think these books are going to end up being longer than 50,000 words. Tomorrow, we have off school, so hopefully my word count can spike up. I like staying ahead while I can.

Day Three

Word Count For the Day: 4057

Total Word Count: 22,060

I didn’t get as many words as I hoped after the previous days, but 4k is still pretty good (I couldn’t expect 8k days forever, now could I?) . Tomorrow, I have school for the first time in Camp, but it shouldn’t matter too much. I did spend a good portion of my nighttime writing on other super secret plans with a super secret person (Who is probably reading this right now…), and we have some fun stuff coming for our blogs!

Day Four

Word Count for the Day: 4941

Total Word Count: 27001

The perfectionist in me wishes I’d written just 59 more words.  Today was good! I did start worrying about plot, however, it should all be fine for at least two weeks. (If it takes that long…) I think Fantasy Gossip is going to be around 60k but Halfway to Fourteen may be at least 70k, and I’ll probably still be writing in the beginning May.

 Day Five

Word Count for the Day: 4549

Total Word Count: 31,550

We were on a road trip most of the day, so I got a thousand or two words while driving, and the rest after we got back. I hit 30k today, though! Most of Thursday will be busy, so it’s a good thing that I’m ahead.

Day Six

Word Count for the Day: 8450

Total Word Count: 40,000

I hit 40k today! Yay! Cheers! Even though I had a lot of math and drove a lot, today was a pretty good writing day. And… going to bed after midnight again… oh well. I’ll survive (but not if my keys keep getting stuck. Right now it’s the l). Also, the plot for Fantasy Gossip decided to turn itself inside out. :/

Day Seven

Word Count for the Day: 10,000

Total Word Count: 50,000

Two minutes before midnight I hit 25k on Fantasy Gossip and Halfway to Fourteen, adding up to 50,000 words. Even though I was busy most of the day, with hard work and prayer, I made it to 50k. I’ve come so far since last year, I can’t believe it. We’re driving again tomorrow, so I’ll either have a lot more time or a lot less time.

I’m really happy with this week–I surprised myself. I’m pretty sure everyone in my cabin is tired of me, but oh well XD. I’m off to catch up on sleep.

How is Camp NaNo going for you? Are you ahead, behind, or right on track? Also, if you’d like, share what your novel is about! Or are you editing, or writing poetry, or even a screenplay? (Hint: screenplay is going to be the best answer you can give.)


March Recap // April Goals

Oh, look, slashes. I’m so fancy. Slashes // and brackets {}. 

Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time visiting my blog, hello! March came and went pretty quickly, and I have revised my goals format again. This is a day late, because I was not ready to edit blog posts yesterday, but bear with me.

These posts kinda got long, so I’m just going to go over March, not unlike a bunch of other bloggers with more aesthetic blogs.

March (an overview):

5 books read. Went through a reading slump. Wrote and mostly edited Espionage with Heidi. Posted 10 blog posts. Favorite was this. Accomplished most of the monthly goals. Having a hard time with theater monologue length. Got stomach bug. Felt sickly a lot. Participated in 1st blog tour.  Finished planning two novels. Started some secret blog stuff.

Ta-da! Aesthetic-y. Now, onto my April Goals:

April Goals:

♥Finish Fantasy Gossip and Halfway to Fourteen for Camp NaNoWriMo.

 ♥ Work on final edits and formatting for Espionage.

♥ Eat healthier so I don’t feel sick as often.

♥ Exercise regularly.

♥ Practice monologue and enter the competition with confidence.

♥ Work on self-doubt.

♥ Continue to work for quality over quantity on blog posts.

♥ Make the most out of my free time and make sure I don’t get overwhelmed when I’m busy.

♥ Practice songs that I’m working on in singing lessons

So, I made my list shorter and compacted it into more definite things that I’m more likely to do/need to do. Yay? Yay!