Golden Hour Photography

Hello, everyone! Happy Pi Day. This is the last one of the “posts to expect soon” (yay! One March goal completed!). I haven’t been using my DLSR as much lately, but Saturday I took my camera outside for Golden Hour, coincidentally the last day before Savings Time. It’s staying light out really late! I can’t wait for summer.


To me, that shed makes a great writing prompt. It has a story.

That’s all! What’s your favorite time of day to take pictures? Aside from golden hour, I also prefer night, though I’m still working on how to get the lighting right.

BIBPC #4 Entry #1: Artsy Angles

Weird title, I know. It just seemed better than leaving it at BIBPC #4 Entry #1. Anyway, Megan’s doing her FOURTH Boring into Beautiful Contest!

Team Fawn.jpg

I’m on Team Fawn, photo credit to Megan.


Story behind this photo (for extra points): I have this mason jar on my bookshelf where I keep all of my colored pencils. I couldn’t quite get the effect I wanted by holding it, so I used my tripod on the highest setting and pointed it down. I then cropped it so there wasn’t as much wall in the photo, resized it to fit my blog, and put the water mark on it, just in case.

Are any of you doing BIBPC? Let me know in the comments!

Of Sugar Cookies and Christmas Trees

So a month or two ago, I got my first DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel EOS XSI, but I haven’t taken the time to edit photos to post on here. Plus, I haven’t made any Christmas posts this year, which is very unlike me, so I’m killing two birds with one stone. Or camera.

This was fun to edit.

Yet two more edits.

Bokeh tree!

I like the filter on it, it feels really Christmasy to me.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I hope you all have a great holiday and remember He is the reason for the season.

Which pictures did you like better, the ornaments or the cookies? 

BIBPC #3, Challenge #3- It Was Worth It

Hello everyone! I’m back. I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had time to post, read and comment on most of your blogs, and somehow I missed BIBPC! Thank you, Megan, for letting me join in, though! (And you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for summer BIBPC XD)

Anyway, on to the photo!


This is the first page of my first book. This current draft took me years to get to. But onto why it was worth it: When I was younger, I would write the first three pages of a book and then forget about it. One day when I was eight or nine, I promised myself that I would finish a book, and I am so, so glad I did.


Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: Runway

Welcome to my last day of Camp Dolliwatha! Next week, Marissa will be taking over.

(And this is the point where I get distracted by fireworks outside my window.)


Tulle makes a really good “red” carpet. Paper works too. Or, if you actually have a red carpet, use that.


Saige is ready with her bun from a couple days ago!


And the papparazi, with a camera I made by cutting out paper, drawing on it to make it look like a camera, then tying holes around it. If you want, you can print out an actual image of a camera.

If you decided to try any of these crafts or activities this week, take a picture (three maximum) and send it to Loren @, and she’ll include your posts in the recap tomorrow!