Camp Dolliwatha, Week Two: Trailer Stars

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Welcome day one of my week hosting Camp Dolliwatha! You may be a reader of my blog, or you may have never heard of my blog before camp. Either way, welcome!

In case you didn’t know, my theme is acting. Also, sorry to everyone on the eastern side of America for this being up so late! I’ve been busy with fair projects, so I’ve got my hands full this week. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be up nice and early for you!

For my first craft, we’re going to be making trailer stars. Who doesn’t want your name in glittery letters on your trailer when you star in a movie?

You’re going to need:

Construction Paper

A Printout of a Star




Alternatively, you can use a marker instead of glue and glitter.


1. Trace your star cutout on the yellow paper. (I got mine from here)


2. Cut the paper along your lines, so you have a colored star. This step is optional, you can just use the paper you printed out.


3. Write your doll’s name in the center of the paper. The letters need to be large and far apart for this to work.


4. Put the glue on the letters. Try to get it nice and thick. If you have it, glitter glue is a good thing to use instead.

5. Pour glitter onto the glue.

6. Let this dry for a little while, maybe twenty minutes (if you want more camp things to do, go do the crafts from Loren’s week if you haven’t already!)


7. Once the glue is completely dry, shake the extra glitter off.

Ta-da! Your first acting themed craft. You can put this in your doll’s bedroom, on their door, or even use this as a decoration for your room.

If you made this craft, email Loren up to three pictures at She’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!

Come back tomorrow for another day of Camp Dolliwatha!

For my Fiction vs. Fantasy writers, all of the challenges being posted this week will be on a page. They will be posted at the same time as my Camp Dolliwatha posts, so you don’t get confused. The next challenge will be posted tomorrow.

CWWC 7 and AAWC 8 {In Hiding, Part Four}

Hey guys- so, be prepared for a really long story.

Prompts- (AAWC) Invisible (CWWC) One from challenge four, all prompts from challenge five, all prompts from challenge six, and all prompts from challenge seven.

It just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you friends are kind to you and make you feel wanted. That was how I felt, with Auralie right by my side, facing her fears.



We walked into the graveyard, and Auralie dropped a few steps behind me.

“What’s taking so long?” I asked.

“Look,” she whispered and pointed to an old house, right where the woods and the graveyard intersected. “Do you think that could be something?”

I ran over to her. “Maybe. Maybe it’s Calla’s house!”

We both started walking towards it. This could be the key to figuring out what the Evil Queen and her daughter were up to.

I pulled on the door handle. “Locked,” I said.

Auralie pulled a bobby pin out of her her and picked the lock. To my surprise, the door opened.
“I thought that only worked in movies,” I told her.

“We are in a movie, remember?” said a breathless Auralie. I walked into the house.



Auralie and I screamed unanimously at the back door, with about eight locks. There was a message scratched into the door, but I didn’t want to read it.

“Good thing I didn’t try to pick those locks,” Auralie said in a joking manner. We both started laughing. Strange how she could make anything better.

We split up. I walked over to the left side of the house, and Auralie went to the right. I heard little voices by the stairs. Curious, I went to check it out.



“Who are you?” asked a little girl with brown hair. There were three girls, all sitting together. They just seemed to be waiting.

“I’m Rosette,” I told them.

The girl in the middle smiled. “You’re from our world, right?”

“Auralie! Come here!” I yelled.

“Gladly,” her voice called as she came over.

I took a deep breath. “These girls- they know.”




The girls stood up. “We have to go now. Remember, no one ever comes back if they stray between the wrong border. What lies beyond is unknown to those who are normal.”

“Wait,” Auralie said. “Can you please tell us one more thing?”

“We have to go,” the smallest girl said.

Auralie reached into her pocket. “How about if I give you one of my mom’s cookies?”

They smiled at each other. “Well, maybe we can stay another minute.”

I felt bad for them. They must have been so hungry. I could see it in their dirty faces.

#writing #prompt:


“Not all haunted houses are places,” said the oldest girl. “Mommy says that all the time.”

Auralie split the cookie in three and gave to them. They linked hands, and suddenly it seemed as though they were invisible. But Aura and I knew they went back.

“How?” I asked.

Auralie shrugged.

“We can’t tell our parents this,” I said. “They must have not wanted us to know anything about the Story World for a reason. Plus, we’ll be grounded for sneaking out.”

She smiled. “Let’s go. We probably should get back to my house before my dad does.”

I picked up a lamp, which was much brighter than mine, from the stairs. One of the little girls was holding it earlier.



I stepped out of the house and held the door. Auralie and I held hands.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps.

“Who’s that?” Aurlie whispered.

“You know who I am,” said the voice.



There was a figure by the door of the house. I dropped the lantern and Auralie and I ran for our lives.

Tears slipped down my cheek. How did I go in so far? I cried even more when I realized there was no way out of the mess I was in.

But there was a way out of the graveyard, and I was determined to find it. I remembered there was a white gravestone by the entrance. It was the only white one in the whole graveyard.

I looked around and saw the white stone.

“This way!” I yelled.

We exited the graveyard, and the person seemed to give up and went back to Auralie’s house.

I caught one last look at the graveyard.

The white stone read “Here lies a man who was not of this earth.”

“That was crazy,” Auralie said. We were getting soaked by rain as we walked to the safety of Auralie’s hidden house.



I tripped on a branch and I felt blood on my arm.

“That’s great,” I muttered.

I started to get back up, but then I saw Auralie whispering into her watch.  I got back down and listened.

“Yes, we’re on our way to my house. No, she has no idea. Bye Calla.”

Tears stung my eyes. What was going on? Was my best friend working with my worst enemy? I thought Auralie would be like her mother: a hero, a princess. I guess villains have to start somewhere.

Dun dun dun! What is Auralie doing? Tune in sometime soon to find out.


CWWC Challenge One {Mirror, Mirror} and AAWC Challenge 5 {When Everything Fades}

Hey everyone! So life has been very crazy lately, but I’m back and ready for this next challenge. Apologies to my teams for not posting lately.

Also: WordCrafters sign ups go till May 31st, so check that out here.

KeepersBlack Swan logo source

I knew what to do. Going there was my secret space that I had found long ago. Mirrors, more than just mirrors-rather passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen. They have told me I am the only human who can see them. They have known me since I was born, and let me in through the passages when as I wish.

So, every night, I go through my mirror and explore the other world beyond the mirror. It’s like my other world, where I can go to find things that aren’t on this earth, and explore things that I’m too afraid to try.

“Ready?” the Ferryman in my mirror asked as I walked up to it. He was about 4’0 tall and very blue. The average 13 year old would scream at the sight of him, but I wasn’t average.

I nodded, and he started the process. The mirror split in half and I walked in. I instantly felt the cleaner, fresh air. Plants were hanging in the air and there were people-not humans, of course- walking everywhere.

“Hello Brenna!” one of the girls said to me. I smiled. I had almost forgotten that the girls here actually knew who I was.

“Hi Brenna!” called someone else.


I knew I had to go. I promised it I would meet him again that night.



I walked off to the edge of the tiny village. I crossed the log and saw it fly down.

“I have books for you,” it said. It was a magnificent creature- one that was unnamed and undiscovered, so I had nicknamed him Ashtonn. “If you want them, that is.”

I laughed with delight. “Yes!”

Of everyone, Ashtonn understood me and my love for reading and writing. He knew, and I wrote down everything that happened in this world so one day when I was older and forgot everything.

Ashtonn motioned to a stack of books. I picked them up. But after a moment, everything started to shake.

“Run!” Ashtonn screamed when he saw me shaking. And I did. I ran back.

Everyone else seemed fine, but I was shaking. The portal wasn’t open. The Ferryman wasn’t there, so I ran straight in.



I felt like I had swirled around. When I came out, I was lying on the road with shattered glass surrounding me.

What happened?

If you haven’t seen the previous parts of this story, check them out here and here.  The prompt was fade, and I used a swan for extra points.

A Year and a Few Months Back

Team Swan

Kendall laughed as she and Lucy splashed each other with waves at the beach. They had gone out on a beach day with Lucy’s family, and the two were quite enjoying their last weeks of summer vacation.

Sofia, Lucy’s five year old sister, who was wearing a bathing suit with a swan image on it, was screaming at the top of her lungs. Lucy could barely make out what she was saying. “Come….”


Lucy sighed. The everyone was probably staring at them now. She and Kendall had been friends since they first met when they were seven years old, and were inseparable ever since. Recently, though, something odd was going on between them and Lucy didn’t know why. So, it was her idea to take Kendall on their family beach trip.

She and Kendall had been friends since they first met when they were seven years old, and were inseparable ever since. Recently, though, something odd was going on between them. Lucy didn’t know why or what, so it was her idea to take Kendall on their family beach trip to see if that could help make things amend.

“Storm coming…. Mom…. Dad…..”

Kendall stopped laughing and her face turned to stone.

“Hey, is everything fine?” Lucy asked.

Kendall pulled up her beach-blonde hair up into a ponytail, which she only did when she was nervous. “Yeah, why?

“It’s just-”  When she got up, Kendall wasn’t there. And thirty seconds later, still gone. Something was wrong. Lucy dived back under the water and saw Kendall choking on the ground. She had obviously not prepared for the wave and its force took her down.

Lucy saw a gaint wave coming towards them, and by reflex dived under it. When she got up, Kendall wasn’t there. And thirty seconds later, still gone. Lucy went back under the water and saw Kendall choking on the ground. She had obviously not prepared for the wave and its force took her down.

Lucy was running out of breath. She climbed back up.

“Help!” she screamed.

With nothing else to do, Lucy went back down and tried to pick Kendall up, but she was too heavy.

When Lucy went back up, a lifeguard was swimming towards her and grabbed Lucy.

“Not me,” she breathed and pointed under the water. “Her!”

 Thunder cracked. The waves were crashing in, and it was all Lucy could do to get under them.

Lucy prayed a thanks to God as a breathless Kendall and the lifeguard came back up.

The lifeguard took Lucy and Kendall back to the beach and laid them on the sand. She started to push on Kendall’s stomach and water spilled out. Kendall sat up slowly.

“What…” Kendall whispered hoarsely as Lucy helped her up. Lucy’s family started to walk back to the car, and Lucy walked with Kendall while she was slow.

“Why didn’t you avoid that wave?” Lucy asked.

Kendall sighed. “I was- distracted, that’s all.”

“By what?”

A tear slipped down her cheek as Kendall explained everything.

May the 4th be with you, everyone!


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2015 Roundup

It’s been an exciting year.

In case you didn’t know, I

(a) Change my blog theme from dolls to lifestyle

(b) Took a long hiatus then re-discovered the wonders of blogging

and (c) Discovered some awesome blogs.

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January highlights:


Oh, Operation: Escape. You had to suffer from my break. Give this post a thumbs up if you would like it to be finished!

I did my 100th post.

February highlights:

I joined the Seven Dolls of Maple Drive.


Caroline joined my doll family.


I did my photo shoot Stand, which was super fun to make.

March highlights:


There were some…. interesting What is She Doing?!s.

And some fun Little Writings.

Went to the 4-H Healthy Living Summit and shared some tips.

May highlights:

Did a bloopers post.

Started Song of the Week.

June highlights:


Did my returning Battery photo shoot.

September highlights:


October highlights:

Returned from the Dark Side.

Made pumpkin seeds. Yum!

November highlights:

Had my 2-Year-Blogaversary.


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Started the button contest with Megan.

December highlights:

Joined CWWC.


Created this ^


Shared Room Décor Tips.

And did a few Christmas challenges.

2016 Blogging Goals:

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What was your favorite event this year?

Happy 2016,


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