Writing Prompt #9

Happy Camp! How are your projects going? I ask as I type this post up March 23. I have a fun writing prompt for you! If your project is writing short stories, your novel needs a twist, or you’re not doing NaNo and need something to do while everyone else is gone from the blogging world, this is for you! (Shout out to my marathoning cabin mates!)

So, now, I have some challenges for you!

Challenge #1: Write three short stories, one with the prompt as the start of the story, one with the prompt as the middle, and one with the prompt as/near the ending.

Challenge #2: All three of these events happened at an epic slumber party. 

Challenge #3: For all of you writing novels, list the three worst things that a main/side character could do within the next couple chapters. Tweak the first character’s dialogue in the prompt to replace the bombs, tweeting, and secrets with those events so you can make every. single. one. of them happen.

After that, comment and tell me how it goes! You have no idea how much I love reading your stories. (Hopefully this all made sense.)

My Writing Life #5: Camp NaNoWriMo+Focusing

Hello! So, what I’m working on now.


I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of update type posts recently, but I’m working on some more how-to type posts. Which do you prefer?

Project One: Editing My NaNoWriMo Novel

Mission: Prodigy, to be exact. Turns out, it isn’t as awful as I thought it was. Sometimes it’s a pain to read through things I know I’m just going to delete. There’s not too much left to do before I start rewriting it. I’m planning on doing a major macro edit (where I do the rewriting and plot mending), a minor macro edit (fixing anything not plot relevant, anything I missed, how to make it better, etc.), a major micro edit (where I fix the typos, dialogue, etc.), then I’m going to send it to one or two people for their opinions and use some of their suggestions (minor micro edit).

Project Two: Halfway to Fourteen/14

This is in the developing/outlining stage, and I’m hoping to make it easier on myself when I’m writing (as in, not stopping halfway *pun not intended* because I can’t remember where the plot’s going) and editing (as in, actually giving myself something to work with). You’ll probably be hearing more about this in the next few months of Camp NaNoWriMo. Speaking of which, are there any cabins looking for members? This is my first time, so I don’t have one.

Grammar people, should I do Fourteen or 14? Not sure yet, but the “Code name”, so to speak, is 14.

Project Three: Fantasy Gossip

I’ve just developed the idea and characters for this one. I’m really excited about this (although, I’m excited for all of my ideas once I first have them). You saw Kaelin and Trey for the first time here (as well as Kamri and Mason for the first time in a while) More on this to come!

I’ve been thinking about doing two Camp Novels in one session, along with a draft of Mission: Prodigy editing. Is that crazy? I don’t know. My 2017 word is doubtless, so this kind of goes along with it. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, I guess. Since I also wanted to do NaPoWriMo, it would be a lot of writing and making sure I’m caught up on school *cue groaning*. I may save Fantasy Gossip for July, if I’m not doing any camps or whatnot.

Are you doing anything for Camp NaNo? Am I too ambitious? How are you surviving through edits? Do you like updates or how-to and informational posts?

Posts to Expect Soon:

A Camp NaNo help post

3 Acting Tips to Help Your Character Come to Life

Photography things

Writing Prompt #8.5

So apparently like 3000 people have saved my writing prompts on Pinterest which is exciting so here’s another one!

If this inspires you to write, share your story with me in the comments below! I really do love reading them.

(In case the image isn’t showing up, etc.: The Mona Lisa’s smile is the start of a secret code hundreds of years old. You are one of the only two people that know this.)

TIWC Challenge Five {The Night it Happened}

Part One {Memories}

Part Two {A Peek Into the Past}

Part Three {When Everything Fades}

A Year and Four Months Earlier

Kendall tapped her pencil on the notebook paper of the script she was supposed to be writing for drama class. She only had one sentence: “They say I was a traitor.

Her mom came down the stairs in her beautiful, old fashioned dress. She was part of a school program that taught younger kids about how America was created. Funny how her mother was an actress yet Kendall couldn’t even create a story.

“Your dad and I will be back in a couple hours. Finish your homework,” she said.

Kendall shrugged. “I’ll try. Bye, love you.”

“Love you too.”

The door slammed, and Kendall went out into the backyard. She sat down by the lake, trying to dissolve into her story.

She thought she could have seen a pirate ship in the distance, but it might have just been her imagination.

Kendall smiled, suddenly gaining ideas for the rest of her story.

“They say I am a traitor, maybe I am. All I know is I did what I had to do.” She wrote the words down as she said them, a story flying by in her head.

 Her thoughts were blocked by the sound of ambulance sirens coming from across town.

Kendall grabbed her bag and ran to see what was going on. When big things happened in a small town, everyone knew what was going on. It was the way it was.

There were two cars. One silver, one red. The silver one seemed strangely familiar.


A million thoughts raced through her mind. The girl who was driving the red car was crying.

Kendall felt tears slip down her cheeks once she saw two people on stretchers and who they were.

She ran over to the ambulance. “Mom! Dad!”

It was what it looked like.

She fell to the ground.

This story was inspired by an old character I used to have, who got reinvented into Kamri in my new novel. I thought Kendall still deserved a home, so I created this reverse story, starting from the present and going back.


Dragon’s Fire Finale, Part 1

Part One

Part Two

Part Three 

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six 

Part Seven 

Part Eight 

Part Nine

She sat down on a couch, and I sat down.

“Would you like some hot chocolate?” she asked.

I nodded. “Sure.”

Everything seemed different in this room. It was cozy, warm, and friendly. So… not my mom. At least not her dark side.

“You think I’m completely evil, don’t you?” Lilianna asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

She sighed. “You need to know what happened. Your friends aren’t here, are they?”


“Good. Your father, my husband, died before you were born. He was the leader of this country beforehand. It wasn’t safe for you with all of the rebels, so I took you into one of the portals. The portals were our greatest secret, so I figured you were safe.”

I looked at the ground. “I wasn’t, really.”

“I figured that out. When I went back for you at the orphanage, you weren’t there, so I was afraid. I spent all these years looking for you- and when you finally showed up, I refused to believe it.”

That was… incredible. I never knew someone actually cared about me that much. She went up the stairs.

“Can I call you Mom?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, coming back with two hot chocolate and a large box.

I grabbed the mug and drank it. It warmed me up. “Extra chocolate?”

“Of course.” She grabbed the box and handed it to me. “This is something I’ve had for a while. It used to be mine. It should protect you from the cold. Consider it your extra late birthday present.”

I opened it, and inside was a fuzzy blue dress, and a fur lined white jacket. There were also boots. “Yes!” Compared to all the clothes I’d had before, it was the best- even if it was a bit girly. “Can I try it on?”

“Of course.” I ran over to the other room and put it on.

“You look lovely,” Mom told me. “Now, you’d better go. Your friends may worry.”

The sun was rising by the time I had reached the “small” house. I opened the door to find everyone staring at me. Why were they staring at me? Oh, right. I had hot chocolate, and warm clothes. “Hey guys. Got a plan yet?”

“Where did you get that?” Bella asked.

“Mom,” I told them. “For birthdays 1-15. Did you know she makes really good hot cocoa?”

Ryan, though, was fuming. “We told you not to go! What if you died?”

I rolled my eyes.  “Yes, the person who spent all her life trying to find me once it was safe in this world would randomly kill me.”

“She tried to before.”

“She didn’t believe it was me!”

Olive rushed over to me and felt my jacket.

“It’s so soft! Do you think your mom will give me one?”

“Olive!” Asher yelled.

“I think you should go,” Bella said, pulling me to the other side of the room.

“Where?” I asked.

“To your mom. Can I let you in on a secret?”

I nodded.

“You know how Ryan’s from another world and all? He might be hiding more than that. I get this strange feeling he’s… Oh, they’re coming. I’ll tell you more later. Tonight, sneak out. I’ll cover for you,” Bella said.

I plastered on a smile, trying to hide my shock.

“We need to come up with a battle plan,” Ryan said.

“Yeah,” I said. We did need one, but not his.

I agreed with Bella. Something just wasn’t right about this…

For those of you who are newer readers of my blog, last year for CWWC I started this story but never posted the finale. I think my writing has changed a lot since then, but if you haven’t read this before or need a refresher, I recommend using the links above to read the other parts if you want to read this one.