Cooking with Dolls, Part One of Collab Post With Happy House of AG!

Long title, sorry. I am doing a collab post with Loren at

I know, links are not friends with my blog today.  Anyway, she will do part two very soon. Felicity will be your cook for now.


Hi, I’m Chef Felicity. Today we will be making peanut butter cookies, and while we are waiting for it to cook, we will make a surprise! I do have to leave in twenty minutes, so one of my friends will finish it off. I have my recipe right here in my book. We will start off with some tips.


If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail or bun. My mom’ s friend did my hair. Didn’t she do a great job?


Don’t forget to wash your hands before you cook, and brush your teeth before you sleep. That came out of nowhere…


Here is what we will be cooking with. A bowl, a spoon, three eggs,  2/3 cups milk, one cup of flour, and three cups of flour.


First, get out your bowl and three eggs.


Crack the eggs into the bowl. Make sure there are no shells.


Next, pour in the milk. Oops, it spilled a little!


Next,  pour in the flour.


Or the whole thing. Did any get in my hair?


Next, my favorite part: the peanut butter. I always lick the spoon when I’m done.


Now we mix it all up in our bowl.


Next, put the dough into balls on a tray. Now we will put it in the oven.


Oh no! What happened! And I have to leave now too!

OK Loren, take it from here.





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