Current Reads- January

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Today I am going to show you what I am reading this month.  r

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Flashpoint is the last book in Series 3 of the 39 Clues., by Gordon Korman. t

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Gail Carson Levine shares her writing tips, tricks, and prompts. I am reading this for my book club. n

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My uncle brought us a bunch of brand new books, and this one caught my eye. This book is about a girl named Penelope, who’s mother is a planner and maps out her every day. All Penelope really wants is her own, sweet time. One day, she falls into the Realm of Possibilities. This book is probably geared for younger tweens, but is still an interesting read. s

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Identical twins Edgar and Allan, descendants of the original Edgar Allan Poe, are geniuses. Telepathic, in fact. So far, I have enjoyed this book even though I am a girl.r

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Nancy Rue is my favorite Christian author, and I am excited to finish this book. In the final Lily books, Lily tries to find what God has planned for her. e


 What have you all been reading this month?



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  1. That was cool! My brother and I are reading the 39 Clues, but I don’t think we’ve read Flashpoint yet.

    I’ve read Writing Magic, too. The parts I found most helpful were the character questionnaires and the “don’t post your whole story online” lecture. 🙂

    So far in January, I’ve read Everblaze and I’m currently reading Neverseen (both of which are part of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series).

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