CWWC 9 {In Hiding, Part 5}

Hey guys. Are you ready for a really long-ish story? I’m using all of the CWWC prompts- that’ll probably give this story a big twist.

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I leaned over the edge of the roof and inhaled deeply. The air was fresher up here, the moon and stars seemed brighter, and I felt free. It was Saturday night when everything was beautiful. Then I remembered everything that went down yesterday, and the feeling was ruined.



I noticed a polaroid picture on the ground. There were two girls, playing in the water, sparkles all around them. I recognized the mini-stars immediately- something Mom had told me only exited in our Story World. They were magical: they could do anything from cure sickness to make the northern lights appear. Mom took some from Story World and kept them in the kitchen.

Maybe they could help me! I ran downstairs to look for them.



There they were. Every one was colorful. I twisted the bottles to look at their labels.

Honesty. I grabbed the green and yellow bottle. It would come in handy soon.



A newspaper caught my eye from across the room. Snow White Missing was the main headline. The article read on to say that many of the star bottles vanished as well.

Hidden inside the pages of the newspaper was a note. I picked it up and read it.

Ferrymen are the guards to our fantastic world. But things have changed since then. I leave messages everywhere, on doors, walls, everywhere, to warn people our world isn’t safe anymore. I was barely able to escape safely. It was said that straying that border was dangerous, that anyone who went past there never came back. The ferrymen showed me the secrets of the border. I decided to write them down and store them in a safe place, where no one would look for them. I wrote on the box “bad memories” so people would think it was a memory box and be afraid of it. Memory boxes were something that I saw often in my stepmother’s castle. Rumor had it if you opened one it would fill you with someone’s bad memories, so no one did. I can go back to them if I ever need it. 

Adette managed to follow me. She’s my younger cousin. We didn’t meet until she was sixteen. If you want to be technical about it, she’s a lot older than me, but since she was in suspended animation she didn’t age for the hundred years she slept. 

The letter was ripped at the bottom. I folded the letter and put it in my pocket.

My mother: she needed a hero, so that’s what she became.

Just like me.

The memory box could contain the answers I needed about Calla. Maybe even…

I couldn’t finish the thought.

If I could get information from the memory box then there was no point in using the star bottle on Aura. To be honest, I was afraid to use it on her. What if something horrible happened? I couldn’t do that to her, even if she was in cahoots with Calla.

I put pillows under my blankets so it would look like I was sleeping.



I grabbed my lantern and ran out the back door. The school was a fifteen-minute walk away.

 After a few minutes, I noticed the graveyard where Aura and I were chased. I saw the white tombstone, but instead of it reading “Here lies a man who was not of this earth” it read “John Miller”. That was odd. Maybe I wasn’t seeing right that night.



I tripped while staring at the tombstone. The ground was muddy from last night’s rain, so my new dress was ruined. I typically didn’t care about my clothes, but on top of everything it angered me.



I thought about the three girls from the house. They told Auralie and I that not all haunted houses are places and told us about the border.

The door- it said the world’s not safe anymore. That’s what my mother had done years ago! And with the girls teleporting away on the steps, it must have something to do with the Story World.



Images of ghosts flashed through my mind at the site of the forests. I didn’t know where that came from. I’d never been afraid of ghosts.



I held my lantern to the forest to myself that there was nothing in the forest.



I saw bows and arrows by the house, with a black figure. It was the same one from last time, probably. I made a mental note not to get in her line of sight. Though she might be able to-

“I can’t help you,” said a voice as she came towards me.

“Where- where did you come from?” I asked.

The girl took off her hood, and I saw she was a he. “It’s not important how I got here.”

“Well, who are you?” I asked.

“You know who I am.”

Of course I didn’t! He was a stranger, and we had just met.

“Rosie,” he said in a deep voice. “Can’t you remember?”

Rosie? That was a new one.

Memories flashed through my mind. Me, at four years old, calling out to someone, like he would actually hear, like he would actually care.  Xander. 

My brother. My twin.



Tears welled up in my eyes as we hugged.

“Don’t tell Mom,” Xander said. “You’re not supposed to remember me.”

I nodded. “Did she use a star bottle?”


“Why did you have to go? Why were you chasing me and Auralie?” I asked.

He laughed. “In time, Rosie. In time. But right now, to warn you: there is something brutal, relentless, and brave hunting us. A force of evil Mom tried to stop. But then, Dad died, and she had to save us by coming to this world.”

“That’s actually a little helpful. But can you please come with me to the school? I don’t like being out here all alone.”

Xander hesitated. “I’m not sure if I can.”

I sighed.

“Well, maybe for a while.”

When we finally reached the school, I was out of breath. The side door was unlocked, as usually. I made a note of it a few years ago when I’d accidentally forgotten my backpack there.

“Alright, so where is this fake memory box?” Xander asked.

“My locker,” I replied as we strode down the hallway.

I punched in my combination, 7669, and found the box right where I’d left it.

“How did this get in here, anyway?” Xander asked. I shrugged.

I ripped it open and there was a box full of photographs and papers.



The first one was of an 18-year-old girl reading with a dragon. I assumed it was my mother.

“Come closer,” she whispered. “The butterflies have all manner of things to show you…”:


The second one was of a blond-haired twelve-year-old, with butterflies all around her. On the back of the photo was a drawing of a sign that said “Here be Faeries”, like the one at Auralie’s house.

There were several other photos in the box, and as much as I loved looking at them I knew I had to find the secret of the border. That was the most important clue.

I heard a loud crashing noise from a classroom.

“Xander, keep it down,” I said, then realized he was still right next to me.



I got up and looked in the classroom where the crash came from. In it were a few knocked-over chairs, and Calla was in the center of the classroom.

She glanced at me, and I was suddenly frightened.



In the blink of an eye I was splattered on the ground, then I realized that the memory box wasn’t fake after all.

Go Team Keeper! I hope you guys enjoyed that. After this, I’ll probably post the Dragon’s Fire Finale, then finish this story.

Au revior!



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    1. Thank you! Yay Keepers! Oh, scary, I don’t think that’s what I was going for- I was just trying to make a plot- but I digress.

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