CWWC Challenge 2 {In Hiding, Part Two}

So a long time ago, I wrote this story (which took me like twenty minutes to find. You’re welcome) and got some requests for part two. Yes, I listened! I also gave it a title. Now, after this, to figure out how to finish Dragon’s Fire…

I emailed this in a couple days ago, and the next part will be later today.


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It took me a second to register what had just happened. First of all, I had made a snappy remark, which was odd. But it was nothing compared to that girl. How did she get here? I thought of her, dancing in the same class as me, turning in homework, singing in the cafeteria with the musicians… the thought was too much to handle.

I was distracted all through math class, which didn’t bother me that much. I didn’t like it.



“Rose, come on!” Auralie said as I realized class was over and everyone else was gone and I was alone, staring out the window.

We walked over to the girls’ locker room to change into our black leotards.

“I just can’t wait to meet the new girl!” Auralie half-screamed as soon as we finished changing.

I sighed. “Aura, I’ve met her already, trust me. She’s-“

“Amazing?” Auralie finished.

“The daughter of you-know-who.”

Auralie leaned in. “Maleficent? The Dark Fairy?”

I shook my head. “Other you-know-who!”

She stopped for a moment. “Oh.”

We walked out of the lockers. The Evil Queen’s daughter was already in there, her leotard full of lace.

“Nice costume,” she said to me, smirking.

I smirked back. “Right. ‘Cuz yours totally brings out the evil in your eyes.”

She put on a face of mock-offense.

The teacher came in. “Class, please welcome our new student, Cala.”

Everyone glanced her way. Cala. It didn’t seem to match up with the maleficence in her.

School couldn’t go by any slower than it had. I spent most of the day worrying Cala would do something to me. I mean, her mom did try to kill my mom once upon a time.

Writing prompt:


So, I practically screamed when I saw a box in my locker. It read Bad Memories. Do Not Open. What was that for? I didn’t want to touch it, so I slammed the locker closed.

Auralie came up behind me.

“Hey, wanna come over to my house?” she asked.

I realized I had gotten chills from Auralie sneaking up on me. “Sure.”

“Is everything alright?” Auralie asked.

“Of course not! I whispered. “She’s out to get me! She even left a creepy box in my locker.”

Auralie looked confused. “Did I hear you right?”

I realized how stupid I sounded. “Let’s just go.”

Auralie lived fifteen minutes away from the school. Well, not by drive. Her house, like mine, was guarded by a secret entrance. I didn’t know why we couldn’t be homeschooled, if living in the normal world was so dangerous.



Before I knew it, I heard Cala laughing. I was splattered on the ground with white crystals around me.

Auralie ran over and helped me up.

“What is that stuff?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said as I stuffed one in my pocket. Maybe it had something to do with the box.

At that moment I realized: I needed to be a hero, so that was what I would become. Somebody had to stop evil. I wouldn’t run away like my mother did.


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