CWWC Challenge 5: Dragon’s Fire, Part 3

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I walked to the cave where the others had been staying. Could I call it home? Was it even a home at all? Could it become one? Everything was too complicated. D

               I gained a large bruise on my arm where the guard had roughly grabbed me. It hurt to touch. r

               As I entered the cave, I made my way to the tunnel that I shared with Bella. Candles flickered in the almost a dark room.  I curled up on my bed and put my face on my knees. a

               “Sinead, what happened?” I peered up to see Bella next to me, with Asher and Olive close behind.  She picked up my bruised arm. “Is everything okay?” g

               I shook my head and explained what had happened inside the dreadful o

factory, leaving out the part about my parents being villains. n

               “I’m so sorry. We should never have let you go so soon,” Asher said pitifully. “We just- need to explain a few things.” i

               Olive nodded. “Let’s wait until tomorrow, though. I’m sure she’s had enough for one day.” s

               “Okay.” I was tired out, and tomorrow I had to tell them what happened before I was teleported to this strange place. m

               But when I got the chance, I would try again to find my parents, and every time after until I succeed. o

               “Good morning, Bella,” I greeted sleepily. t

               Bella smiled. “Good morning. Let’s go outside and get something to eat.” h

               There was no bright morning sunrise with pink, purple, yellow, or blue hues. There didn’t even seem to be a sun most of the time. My world was so different from this new place. e

               Asher and Jake were making breakfast, and Olive and Ryan were setting up r

a blanket to eat on.

               “Sinead, will you go get some berries from over there?” Olive asked. “Can’t fight evil without healthy food, you know.”

               I nodded and headed over to the raspberry bush and plucked some of the delicious berries into a small basket. Ryan followed me.

               “I take it things didn’t go so well at the factory, huh?” he asked.

               “Yeah. But… what is ‘facial recognition software’?”

               “Well, it has our faces memorized in the computer so alarms set off whenever we get close,” he explained.

               “Computer? Alarms?” I sighed. “I guess I have some explaining to do.

               “Where I was from, they didn’t have everything you have here. The streets weren’t safe when it was dark. I was stuck into orphanages for as long as I can remember. Nobody ever wanted me to stay for more than a few months. Sometimes, I would try to see how long it would take to get out. I guess you could say I was a problem child.

               “After I had maxed out, I had nowhere to go. Then she came to me, promising me that she would take me to my family and my home. All I saw was a dry, dusty town with nothing but a two-sentence note from my parents. Then there was an earthquake, and that’s how I got all of these cuts. Next thing I knew, I was here with you guys.”

               I sighed. Ryan hugged me. “You’re here now, and we won’t ever let you leave.”

               Later that afternoon, I was exploring the cave when I found a black suit, ninja-like that covered the face. It was perfect. I would try again. I would find my family.

               The suit was black and comfortable, with a slight feminine touch.  It was perfect.

               “What are we doing here, anyway?” I asked as we traveled along a dirty path. It was leading us to a broken down junkyard, and honestly, I didn’t understand why we were going to such an awful, disgusting place.

               It had been several months since I arrived, and I had been trained and taught to help defeat the evil destroying our worlds.

               “According to my calculations, we’re looking for a capsule that should be here. We will capture The Dragon in it and the capsule supposedly will drain all her power, so she shall be harmless,” Bella explained. She had volunteered the two of us to go here instead of more breaking and entering. I would rather have stayed in bed. I’d earned several scars and injuries, and had no interest for more.

               I sighed and kicked a pebble with my shoe. “How are we to find this capsule?”

               “This compass has a tracking device on it connected to our capsule. Basically, that means it will point to where the capsule is, kind of like two magnets.” Bella had been explaining what her world was like (mainly before The Dragon had taken over three years ago), and I had been telling her about my world.

               We walked along the path, Bella’s compass beeping faster the closer we got. The junkyard was full of scrap metal and papers, giant black boxes, and torn out fabric. All these things could be very useful. Sorry as I was that I had to learn such a skill, I knew how to make do with practically everything.

               Bella tripped, and all her items flew into the air. The compass smashed, leaving us clueless. The power-removing capsule remained hidden. In the corner of my eye, I noticed a notepad. I picked it up.

               Inside the notebook were designs, models, and a beautiful sketch of a girl on a beach.


               “Bella, this is amazing!” I cried. She rushed over and snatched it from my hands.

               “Don’t touch that!”  she yelled. She immediately blushed. “I’m sorry.”

               “It’s okay, but Bella, you need to share your work. This could change everything!”

               She shook her head.  “No.”

               Without another word, the two of us started rummaging through the junk. What would a magic capsule look like, and where would it hide.

               “He likes you, ya know,” Bella whispered.

               I turned around and stared at her. “Who?”


               It was my turn to blush. I had never fallen in love, but then again, in my past life, there was no one to love. You never know what love feels like when all you’ve experienced is hate,

 They had all been so nice to me and had accepted me as one of their own. Was that love? They had cared for me and given me a place to stay. Was that love?

               “I think I found it!” I exclaimed. It was a round, brown box with a copper top.

               Bella rushed over. “You did! Let’s go find the others!”

 Later that afternoon, I was exploring the cave when I found a black suit, ninja-like that covered the face. It was perfect. I would try again. I would find my family.

               The suit was black and comfortable, with a slight feminine touch.  It was perfect.

               That night, when I was sure the others were asleep, I put on my suit. It covered my face, and I blended in with the night.

               I missed my world. Part of me wished that this whole mess never happened in the first place. Would it have been different if I had been adopted?

               Footsteps came from behind me. “Sinead? Is that you?”

 I turned around and took off my mask to see Ryan. “Oh.”

              Now my plan was ruined. I would never find my family or my home. All because someone couldn’t sleep.

               “What are you doing out here this late?”

               “Um, midnight walk?”

               Ryan looked at me carefully, knowing that I was lying.  “In that?”

               I blushed. “So, maybe I have a secret plan to sneak back into the factory and find something that would tell me where my family is. Maybe.”

               I sat down on the cold grass at stared at the sky. Past the clouds, I could see a single star. “Back before I came here, there were a million stars. Some nights when I had lost hope, I would sneak out back and stare at the constellations. Somehow, it let me know that everything would be okay one day.”

               He sat down next to me. “I’m sorry. About your past life and everything, then coming here to this.” He motioned to the smoke and rubble that surrounded the world.

               “I will fix it.”

               “It’s not your job to fix. None of ours.”

               “When I was at the factory, she told me that my parents were villains, and somehow I know she’s not lying. I want to set things right. I want to know the truth.”

               He sighed. “She lies.”

               “I know.”

               We sat in silence for what seemed like hours.

               “Good luck.” That was my queue to leave. I wasn’t sure how to feel.

               But for now, I would focus on the task at hand.

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