CWWC Challenge 7: Dragon’s Fire

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I ran over to the side and jumped onto a ledge to hide. Jake was patrolling the room, typing into black boxes.

Computers, I thought. After a couple minutes, the first portal was in a hurricane. I did a silent gasp. I slid over to a hidden area and pulled out the journal I had found. The cover read “Lilianna Adams.”

I continued reading the first entry.

She is gone. I gave her up. Why did I do that? When will she be safe?

I continued reading for a long time until it dawned on me. I couldn’t believe that-

     “Sinead?” said a voice from behind me. My heart skipped a beat. Jake was breathing down my neck, interrupting my thought. I was caught, again.

“How- how did you find me?” I asked.

“It’s what I do.”

Before I knew it, I was pushed down, and everything turned black. When I woke up, my wrists were handcuffed and my legs tied together.

Hours passed. I was thirsty and dirty and bleeding. When would the others realize I was gone? Would they care?

An hour later, I heard more footsteps. This was the end of me.

“Don’t say a word,” a voice whispered. It was Bella! Asher, Olive and Ryan were behind her. Asher placed a key in the handcuffs while Ryan untied the ropes.

“Let’s go,” I whispered. “They’re onto us.” I was too late. Lilianna walked into the room, carrying a knife.

Ryan protectively stood guard in front of me. She merely laughed. “You’re never escaping.”

Asher, Bella and I squeezed hands as if on cue. “How was Jake able to capture me?”

“He’s supernatural. He can do anything.”

The two girls looked at me nervously. “Our Jake?”

I nodded.

“Come to think of it, we couldn’t find him earlier,” Asher thought aloud. Bella started crying. Ryan was wearing out.

Lilianna started a lightning charge and aimed it directly at us.

“Stop!” I yelled. I took a deep breath. Thoughts whirled through my head. My stomach was in knots. I had to do this. I had to tell them what I found in the diary. It was the only way to save them.

I closed my eyes. “Mother.”

It’s over ;(. I’ll still continue this series, though.

Happy last days of 2015!


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