CWWC Challenge Four: Dragon’s Fire, Part 2

Hello! Today I have my story for challenge four (don’t worry Narnians, I emailed it in last night so I could get the time point).

Part 1.

After I read that note, everything shook around me. Something told me I was not supposed to be doing whatever it is I was doing. I heard glass shattering all around me. I was violently jerked to the floor.

I woke up in a different area. My head was hurting and I was bleeding all over, which I assumed was the result of the broken glass.

“She’s awake!” cried a girl with red hair. A few others rushed to her side.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asked in a softer tone.

My head throbbed with pain. “My head…” I felt a bandage on my temple. “Where am I?”

The sky was gray, and ash was all around us. It seemed like a giant junkyard. Kneeling next to me were three girls and two boys. “Who are you?”

The red-haired girl helped me sit up. “I’m Bella, this is Asher and Olive.” She motioned to the girls. “And they’re Ryan and Jake.”

“I’m Sinead.” My voice was thin and cracking. Ryan came over to help lift me up. “How did I get here?”

“I know you have a lot of questions, and they will be answered soon. For now, we need to clean you up,” Ryan explained.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I did not understand what was going on, and I was in pain. This was a whole other world, or so it seemed. Asher, who seemed to know first aid, was cleaning my cuts.

“What happened before you came here, Sinead?” Olive questioned.

I thought hard. Why wouldn’t my memory come to me? “I don’t remember.”

“That’s common for head injuries.” That had come from Asher. Everything was dizzy.

I sat back down on the cold grass. I put my hand on my head.

“Alright, what are your questions?” Jake asked.

I thought for a moment. “Where am I?”

“Earth,” said Bella. “Not quite sure where. We’re locked in, and the town has no name. We’ve been trying to find a way to save it.”

“How did I get here?” I inquired.

“We’re not sure. We found you passed out on the cement,” answered Ryan.

“Will I die?”

My question rung in the air, unanswered.

“You won’t bleed to death if that’s what you’re wondering, nor will you die by your head injury. However, she may kill you,” Asher said quietly.


“The Dragon.”

Something had come back to me: a girl with a dragon shadow, and an image of someone slaying a dragon, but the memory stopped there.

My tears had done nothing but increase. I was shaking. Everything in this new place was complicated. I wanted to go home, with a family and siblings, and a warm fire. Food wouldn’t be so bad either. Then it hit me. I was scared.

“Sinead? Are you awake?” My eyes fluttered open. I didn’t sleep that much.

Bella and I shared a bedroom in the cave that they called home. Would it be my home too?

“We need your help.”

That woke me up. “With what?”

“We need you to go somewhere for us.” Bella pointed at an outfit hanging up. Hanging up on the wall were a green t-shirt, black jeans, gloves, and combat boots like the other girls had been wearing. “Get dressed, and meet me outside.”

I put on the clothes and tied my dirty blonde hair up in a ponytail. Everything in this new world seemed more… futuristic. Something told me that where I was before wasn’t as advanced.

Outside, Asher, Bella, Olive, Jake, and Ryan were all waiting for me.

“Alright, over there is a factory. We need you to get in for us. Our faces are in the recognition software, but yours isn’t. Here’s a gun,” explained Ryan. “Find the portal. “

I walked slowly over to the factory. Recognition software? What on earth was that? There was a large metal gate with a large lock. Since I hadn’t been given a lock-picking kit, I decided to climb up.

My gloved hands were sore and tired. I was almost at the top when I fell down. My cuts had grown painful once more.

“Why did I agree to do this? I’m only 15; I’m not supposed to be some sort of hero!” I cried.

After a few minutes, I decided to try climbing again. I had reached the top! I climbed about halfway down and bounced off.

There was a large gray building with smoke coming out of the top. I decided there would be the best place to start searching. There was a ladder leading to the roof. I climbed it, then I noticed. There were large, muscled guards everywhere. One of them grabbed me roughly by the arm.

I kicked him in the shin, yet he did not budge.

“Let her go,” said a voice. A woman walked up the stairs. Something about her was familiar as if I had seen her before.

“Hello, Sinead.”

“How did you know my name?” I screamed. “Who are you?”

She laughed. “Of course, I took your memory! Well, you might call me your hero. After all, I’m the one who took you to your parent’s house.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

The woman stared at me. “Do you want your memory back, dear?” she sneered. I nodded.

“Are you sure? Because you have had quite terrible times,” she said sarcastically.


“Very well, here you go.” She waved her hand and I remembered everything: the orphanages, the alley, my parents, home, and the awful earthquake. “Off with you, now. Don’t want to miss your friends.”

“We will beat you. You’ll never win,” I proclaimed.

She laughed once more. “Darling, you could never beat me. Your parents were villains. The best of the best, I’d say.”

My parents? Villains? No… it couldn’t be. I was shown out of the factory, dumbstruck. It just couldn’t be.

That’s it for part 2!


Remember, my Christmas writing challenge starts on Monday, and ends on January 1. To enter, all you have to do is write at least 6 of the prompts. There are no prizes, but whoever completes the challenge gets a completion button personalized with their name on it. 🙂

A plus tard!


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