Doll Day: Unnamed Post, Part One

Hi! Josie here. If you are wondering why this post has no name yet, read to the end! Every Tuesday I will do a doll post. I switched rooms with my brothers, and so I have new sceneries. Enjoy. Saige will play the part of Emma, and Lily will play the part of Allie. I will introduce new characters as they come in.  This story is told by Emma.

This morning, I woke up and sighed a happy sigh. It was the first day of summer! I got dressed, ate breakfast, and put my hair in a sloppy fishtail.  Then I got my book and sat in my chair and read.


Just so you know, I was reading The Lion, the Witch,  and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I read for about half an hour before a heard someone knock at the door. I knew who it probably was.


My best friend, Allie.  She was in her soccer uniform, even though spring soccer ended three months ago, and her hair was up in a high ponytail. Yeah, my friend is sporty.

“Hi Emma. Whatcha doing?” Allie asked.

“Just reading the book you got me for my birthday. It’s really interesting,” I said as we sat down.

“I’m glad you like it.”


We got onto my new pink chair. We talked for a few minutes, then Allie asked me t he question I knew she was going to ask sooner or later.

“Hey, will you play soccer with me?”

“Um… I don’t know. I kinda wanna finish my book first.”


“Emma, look out the window. What do you see?”

“Dolls playing?”

“Exactly. Like you should be.”

“I know, but not today. ”

“Hey, look at this summer camp pamphlet. Maybe you could go?”


I took one glance. There would hardly be any time for me to read. I said thanks, I’ll think about it and goodbye.  Then I finished my book, then read the next two books in the series. By then, it was time to go to bed.


I slept to about midnight, and then I heard the creepiest noise. It sounded like a ghost, a wolf, and a bunch of wind.


I sat up, scared. Then I realized………

Okay, it’s Josie. Here is why the post has no name. Have you ever read one of those books where you chose the ending? This is one of those posts. I will give you a choice, and comment to chose. If no one comments, I will skip as many Tuesdays as necessary and do another post. Please comment if you read. There are no third-parties or anything. Here are your choices.  Should Emma………

Time Travel? If so, where to?


Become a different person for a day? If so, what kind of person? Celebrity? Royalty?







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