Doll Review: Lily

I got a request on the Request-a-Post for a doll review. This is on Lily.


Brand: Journey Girl

Doll: She is Callie, but I re-named her. There are updated versions of her in Toys-R-Us. I don’t like how they did that.


Those are pictures of Lily. She costs somewhere between $20-$40. Lily comes with a shirt, jean jacket, skirt, and tights.  I don’t exactly remember what her meet outfit looks like though. Lily  is  Chinese, and very pretty.  She is fun and her outfits and accessories are cheaper than American Girl.

Lily is a fun doll to play with, and due to other Journey Girl purchases, we found out that at least for a while Journey Girl was made in the same factory as American Girl. Cool, right? Journey Girl is 1/4 the price of AG at most.

I got her for Christmas, but I totally would not regret buying her if I did. I recommend getting her if you are looking for a new, cheap, good quality doll. I rate Lily “Callie”  5 stars.


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