Dragon Fire, Part 1

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting. We went on a mini-vacation. Anyway, here is my entry for Challenge 3. I emailed it in the other day, I just wanted to edit it before posting.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Team Dragon or HTTYD, I’m just using dragons hence the prompts.

“Go home!” she cried out as I left. The only problem? I didn’t know where home was.

I had been in yet another orphanage for the past couple months. It was the last one for hundreds of miles, and now I had no place to go.

The streets of Covintown were dangerous to the average girl, but I knew where to go to be safe. I dodged through crowds and around corners. Buy this, buy that, all the merchants seemed to cry.

Finally, I made my way to my special alley. I visited it in my free time, whenever that was. Some orphanages were strict and tight, while others hardly cared. Since I was 13 I’d been trying to run away to find my parents. Perhaps this was my chance.

No, of course not. How would I do it anyway? I thought.

A couple weeks had gone by, and I was hungry, cold, and tired. Surviving seemed like impossibility, and I almost wanted to go back to an orphanage, but it wasn’t that bad.

Footsteps awoke me, and I scrambled up to attack. I threw a punch, but to my surprise the lady blocked it.

“Who are you?” I asked.

She merely chuckled. “I give people what they want, and I happen to know you want something.”

“I don’t want anything.”

“Sure you do. Food, water, clothing,” she paused. “Your parents, a home.”

How did she know that? “Well…”

“You want to find your parents?”

She moved her fingers out, and an image of a dry, dusty road. “I don’t remember that place, you’re lying.”

“Read the sign.”

You’ve been here before, you just forgot, it said.

So, this was really it. This was home.

“Take me there,” I told her. She smiled and snapped her fingers. The last thing I remember was her shadow. It was a dragon.

Instantly I transported to the place from the image. To the right, I saw a house. The rusted old mailbox read, “The Williams.” That was my parent’s house, for sure.

The door was unlocked. “Hello?”

On the side table lay a note. With a paper clip, there was an attachment of a photo of someone slaying a dragon.

Dear Sinead,

We’re sorry we had to go. We will find you. Beware the dragon.

I will post the next part, Challenge 4, tomorrow.

À bientôt!


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