Dragon’s Fire, Part 7

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(I got confused with CWWC Challenges and Parts, so this is 7, not 9)

“We need a plan,” I said.

Asher nodded. “First, we need to get away from here.”

I agreed. Bella started shaking Ryan back to consciousness. We ran out of the building.

“We can’t go back to the cave, since Jake knows that place,” Olive pointed out. I bit my lip. Where could we go?

“We don’t have very much time,” Bella said.

“What’s going on?” asked Ryan. “How did we get here?”

We all shared a look. Ryan had been unconscious when I took Lilianna down.

“So guys, I found this.” I held out the journal. “Yeah, turns out her name is Lilliana Adams.”

Bella scoffed. “Really? Someone that scary couldn’t have a more evil name?”

“But that’s just it. She wasn’t always evil,” I said.

Ryan raised his eyebrows. “She has a dragon shadow.”

“Oh, you noticed that too?” I asked. There didn’t seem to be any light to cast shadows. It was just gray all the time. He must have met her somewhere else. Ryan was hiding something.

When I stopped thinking, I realized that Asher, Bella, and Olive were all staring at me. “What?”

“You’re her daughter. You’d know what she would do.”

“What?!” Ryan exclaimed.

 I sighed. “Guys, he was unconscious. Long story short, I’m her lost daughter. And, I don’t know what to do, since I would have known why she took me to a portal and made a fake note from my ‘parents’ and a picture of someone slaying a dragon.”

Bella’s mouth formed an o. “Let me see it. It’s important.”


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