Dragon’s Fire, Part 6

Everyone froze in their tracks. Olive turned blue.

“Liar!” called Lilianna. “My daughter is dead.”

“Sinead, what is she talking about?” asked Asher.

Lilianna’s rage seemed to go from low to extreme. “I had a daughter once. When- when she was a baby I had to give her up to a different world to protect her. But she is gone, just like you will be!”

Suddenly, everyone else was pushed away by lightning. I suddenly became so angered for my friends, that before I knew it, lightning came out of my own hands. Lilianna fell to the ground. Scared, I ran over to Asher, Olive, Bella, and Ryan.

“What happened?” asked Bella.

“I was angry- when she pushed you away- and- I don’t know!” I said, crying.

Ryan looked at Bella. “Handcuffs.”

Bella nodded and pulled out the journal I had seen earlier and started to sketch power-containing handcuffs. Then, the handcuffs formed out of the page.

“Woah!” I exclaimed. “How did you do that?”

“My mother gave this to me before she passed. She told me it was special.” Bella sighed. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t know if I could trust you, since, you know…”

I stopped. “You knew?”

She nodded solemnly. “Look at your shoulder.”

I rolled up my sleeve and there was a birthmark. It was a flourish,

“I saw it when you came back that night. I was too afraid to tell anyone,” she quietly explained.

 “What now?” asked Asher.

I thought about that for a while. “I don’t know.”

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