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We had found an old house to hide out in. There were three bedrooms, a kitchen a heater, and even a room just for hanging out.

“This place is huge,” I marveled.  Everyone turned to stare at me.

“It’s a broken,  three-bedroom trailer house. For five people,” Ryan said, as though I was crazy.

I looked around. “Are you kidding?” I flashed back to the orphanages.

Bella looked up at me. “What was it like in your world?”

“15 girls for a small room. Two beds, most of us had to sleep on the floor. Below freezing most nights. An ugly kitchen that served porridge and water. This place is a palace!” I exclaimed, silent tears streaming down my cheeks.

Nobody said anything. I felt their pity. I didn’t want it, I wanted them to be grateful to have had as much as they did.

“Right, well, we need a plan,” Bella said, sitting on the couch. We all followed.

“I have an idea!” I said.

“Is it a good one?”

“I have an idea!”

I felt sighs. “What is it?”

“So, we go up to her and talk,” I told them calmly.

Ryan looked at me. “What?!”

“She is my mother, after all. I mean, apparently she loves me and whatnot,” I explained.

“No,” Olive said. “That won’t work.”

I drowned out their conversation as they tried in vain to come up with a plan. “I’m tired,” I said, heading to one of the bedrooms.

Once everyone was asleep, I went outside. I grabbed a gun for protection and went towards my mother’s lair.

I climbed over the gates again.

“Mom?” I called out, my voice echoing off the empty walls. No one was around, everything was dark.

The lights flickered on.

“Come in, my daughter. You must hear the truth.”

That was a lot of dialog! xD I hope you enjoyed this part, and happy Valentine’s Day!



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