Early Fri-Daily Devotion #3

Tuesday night, I had a revival in my faith. I also learned that the tempter (I don’t  know if that is capitalized or not) tries to make you feel bad about yourself so you cannot be on fire for Christ. So this is based 1 Thessalonians 5:11.  Anyway, here is a poem for this devotion. It will probably not be very good though :).

You Are…

You are awesome

You are someone


You are your own person

You shine brighter than the sun,

Pretty as a flower petal.

You are not alone

You do not need to  be in fear.

God made you, and He loves you all the way.


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  1. Nice poem. Yep, we just have to push on, trust God and stand up again. It’s always hard when you fall, but when you get up again you will be stronger.

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