EverAfter, Part 4, Season 2

*Note: Some of my dolls will be playing multiple characters*

Characters in this episode:

McKenna as Eve

Caroline as Mia

Natalie as the stepmother

Lily as stepsister #1

Kaitlyn as stepsister #2


We woke up on the ground, not sure where we were.

Mia laughed. “Look at your outfit!”

“Look at yours.”

We both giggled.


(sorry, blurry photo)

We eyed a dirty girl talking to a lady in a lavish bed. “Ella, I need you to make breakfast,  sweep the floors, beat the rugs, wash the windows, do the laundry, rake the yard, feed the animals, weed the garden, then help my daughters get ready for the ball,” the lady said.

“Yes ma’am,” the girl said.

“Then come back to me for your next round of chores.”


Mia and I looked at each other. More chores? She had tons as it was.

“I think we’re in Cinderella,” Mia said. I nodded. We decided to follow Cinderella. She went into the kitchen and made breakfast, then went to serve it.


“Ella, you’re dirty!” one of the girls said.  They looked at each other and laughed horribly.


“She’s got cinders on her face!” said the other. Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard, ready to fight. “I know: Cinderella!”

They all laughed some more.

I looked at Mia. “I feel bad for her. Maybe we could help her in secret, you know?”

“Sounds like a great idea!” she said.

After Ella was rebuked from the table, we went to her outside.

“Hello, Ella,” I said.

“Who are you?!” she asked, frightened.

“We’re from another realm, the Sleeping Beauty realm.”

She nodded. I guess she’d heard of the different realms.

“And we’re here to help you,” Mia said.

“Ok,” Ella said.



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