February Goals 2017

February Goals || Josie on the Go || If you're looking for ideas for monthly goals, or just want to see what a random person on the internet is up to, check this out!

So it turns out I am very behind on posting goals. I’m pretty sure my only goal for November was NaNoWriMo, and I must have forgotten by December, then I posted my resolutions in January. So, the last time I posted my goals was in October. Here’s what happened to those:

Finish Crossing Galaxies


Decide on my NaNo Novel


Finish with Plot {For Said Novel}


I actually accomplished all my goals…. huh. This is so new. You can check out the original post here. Anyway, I’m going to be posting about all of my goals this time. It seems more motivational.

Writing Goals

♥Begin plotting out Halfway to Fourteen

♥Begin developing other Camp NaNo Novel (What? More on this in a future post)

♥Finish reading through Mission: Prodigy, and for bonus points, start on draft two

♥Finish Dragon’s Fire

♥Work on the collab novel with Heidi

Blogging Goals

♥Post all the random drafts I have (thanks to Kellyn for inspiring me to create a schedule for my drafts and series. It is a very happy feeling.)

♥Brainstorm a new writing series

♥Work on my Bloglovin page

♥Go for quality over quantity


♥Continue to attempt to practice my instruments more often

♥Learn my new ukulele! (I played my cousin’s uke for a bit a couple summers ago, but I finally ordered my own)

♥Be involved in the activities at the new acting workshop I’m going to

♥Make fair projects

♥Work on writing the play for my school project


♥Get in the habit of using my bullet journal

♥Take more pictures

♥Print out more pictures

♥Bake a new recipe

♥Read more books

♥Do at least one thing on the bucket list I made with my friend

♥Read my Bible every day

♥Survive the greeting card class that I’m teaching

If you made a goals post this month, I would love to read it! Or, if you don’t have a blog, comment some of your main goals. We’ll all hold each other accountable. 

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  1. GIRL YOU WERE SO PRODUCTIVE WHAT IS THIS. *piles you with lembas for being productive, unlike me* Ooh, and Camp NaNo! Are you doing April/July/both?

    1. Oh! What’s a lemba? It sounds cool. I’m not always productive, though. *gives you lembas too* I know I’m doing April, and I hope to do July, but I’m not sure what I have planned for this summer. Are you doing any of them?

      1. It’s an elvish food from Lord of the Rings. *proudly asserts nerdiness* XD I’m doing both April and July, but July always seems to be a flop while April works out better, so idk. 😛

  2. Your goals are amazing! And ooh, congrats on completing all of October’s! My goals… uh… I haven’t exactly made any for February yet… I’m mostly lamenting over the fact that I only completed about a third of January’s. *facepalm* It really didn’t help that I lost January’s list two weeks into the month, either. XP


  3. Your goals make mine seem pathetic.

    I hadn’t decided on all of them, but I know that I at least wanted to: Finish/work on my book Robyn Davenport and the first year at Evergreen High; finish/work on my book Agent Tomcat; finish/work on my book Power of Friendship, and finish/work on my novel with you [Josie]. So… most of my goals include writing. But I am also going to CLEAN MY ROOM and try to keep it clean (as if that were a possible goal…).
    I also want to finish/work on a movie, since I’ve just finished writing the movie script (big dreams, Heidi…)

    It was super fun to read this post, Josie. At least knowing that other people have goals make mine a little less daunting! (By daunting, I mean, who am I trying to kid “Keep my room clean”??)

    1. You want to work on four novels! That’s a lot. We should also totally work on our long-distance movie script. Turns out my brother has a phone tripod too– it’ll be lit.

  4. Wow, you have a ton of goals. I didn’t post about my goals, but they are pretty small. For blogging my goals are to post twice this month, which is nothing I know and to stay actively involved in reading and commenting on other blogs.

    1. Yeah, I sometimes go a bit overboard. But, hey, goals are meant to challenge yourself, don’t worry if they’re not as “big” as everyone else’s, as long as they’re big enough to you.

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