–Flaws Challenge–

A lot of you probably watch Girl Meets World, which I also watch now (shout out to Mattie!).

Last weekend, I had a friend over and we watched the episode Girl Meets Flaws, which gave me an idea. We tried writing on our foreheads- which was a fail. So instead, we wrote our biggest flaw on a piece of tape then put that on our foreheads.

This might seem a little silly, especially since it’s from an older episode, but I want you to try doing it too. See if you can do it for a whole day, if you’re home alone or going a lot of places. Because sometimes it’s better to admit that we have flaws instead of hide them.


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  1. lil late … but just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday but now I guess I have to say Happy Belated Birthday 🙂

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