Flowers Away

Hi, It’s Saige. Today, McKenna opened a flower stand. Here’s the story:whatsthat

I was looking around when I saw McKenna at a booth. “I wonder what she’s doing,” I said. So, I went over.


“What’s this?” I asked.

“A flower stand, and you’re my first customer,” she said with a smile.

“Where did you get these?”

“Mom was about to throw these away because she had no use for them*, but I asked her if I could have them.”



“I like these,” I said. “But I only have ten  dollars**.”

“That’s OK.”


“They’re only nine!”

“Wow! That is a great buy!”

“Enjoy your day!”

And that I did. On my way outside, I saw Lily. She looked a little sad.


“Lily!” McKenna shouted. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just bored, and all the other dolls are off by themselves.”

“Do you want to buy some flowers?”


“Sure! These are pretty.”

By then, I had told all the others about McKenna’s flowers.


And One…


by one…


by one,


McKenna had sold all her flowers.


“Wow, I sure have a lot of money. Now I could by a new outfit! But, I did really want one of those flowers.”

Having heard this, I took action.


“Wow!” She shouted.


” For you,” she read. “Love, Natalie, Kaitlyn, Lily, Felicity and Saige.”

“I have the best sisters in the world! (True, especially Saige.) But, I guess this means I have to give the money back. But sisters are worth it.”

Bye-Bye now! -Saige


*This is all fake (including the flowers). These were leftover from a craft and I would never throw them away. It was $2 at Michaels for a whole bagful!

**The money came from Doll Dining set.



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