Fri-daily Devotion #1

Welcome to Fri-daily devotions with Josie! Today’s devotion is from Romans 3:23.

Read Romans 3:23 in your Bible.

Jamie was amazing in the eyes of everyone. At church, she memorized all the Bible verses. At school, all her grades were A+’s and she was on the honor roll.  At home, she never fought with her parents or her brother and sister.  Jamie’s parents always bragged about  her to their friends on Facebook.  Everybody wanted to be her friend.  But one day,  while she was at school, she blew up.

“Hey Jamie, it must be nice to be the perfect child, huh?” said the school bully, Jessica.

“What does that mean?” Jamie said.

“Good kids are geeks,” Jessica said.

“Not true,” Jamie protested.

“Yes-” Jessica tried to finish, but Jamie punched her in the stomach.  The school principal called Jamie’s parents. Her parents were very upset. Jamie kept thinking, ‘How did I get angry so easily?”

“Jamie, no one expects you to be perfect. The only person who was ever perfect and the only person who ever can be perfect was Jesus. Everybody sins. Look up in your Bible Romans 3:23 when we get home,” her dad said in the car. As Jamie read the verse, she smiled. Then, she asked Jesus to live in her heart so she could someday go to heaven, where there is no sin.




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