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Today, as you probably know, is halloween. I refuse to capitalize it. Today’s devotion is somewhere in the Bible; I am not even sure it is in the Bible, but it must be somewhere. I also learned about it  in M’pact, so that is what I am teaching today.

Once, there was an angel named Lucifer (I don’t know if that’s capitalized). He was the top angel. One day, God told the angels to go help. Lucifer was mad. God expected him, the top angel, to serve this imperfect being. Lucifer then wanted to be in charge, to have more power than God. He had also gotten 1/3 of the angels with him. God kicked them all out of heaven, and Lucifer became the devil and the other angels became demons. Ever since then, they have been tempting us to do bad. That hurts God, and that is how the devil gets back at God.

I listen to something called Adventures in Odyssey. Click there to listen to some episodes. If you have the Odyssey Adventure Club, you can listen to an episode in the Lost Episodes album called “What are we Gonna do About Halloween?” It is about the real halloween.  There used to be a holiday called All Hallow’s Day, or something like that, were all the saints would go out. It was said the night before that, all the demons would make a terrible night. It was also said that if you disguised yourself, the demons would not recognize you. That is what is involved in the real halloween.

Think about it: a holiday with pumpkins with spooky faces on them, kids and adults in scary costumes, and a meaning that goes back to demons. I have a friend who does not even recognize halloween as anything else than a day. I do halloween alternatives, trunk or treat and other things. Usually though, at least around us, these alternatives are not today. So, what will you do?

-Today-is-not-a-holiday Josie

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