Girl of the Year 2015, “Grace” UPDATED

I am doing a 2015 DOTY secrets! *Some of this may not be true, this is just what I found.* I will have my references at the bottom of the page.

Our GOTY 2015 has a code name, CoCo. While I know this is a cute name, it is not her real name. Her real name is Grace. Grace will have a movie filmed in Budapest. I know, Budapest. If she is an American girl, why is she in another continent!?!?!

Grace has two friends: Maddy and Ella. Maddy likes art and Ella is crazy about math. Grace may have a physical disability due to girls petitioning to make disabled girls feel like they are American Girls too.

Here are the book descriptions from

Book 1:

Nine-year-old Grace is always thinking up big ideas, like starting a business with her friends over the summer! When Mom announces a trip to Paris instead, Grace gets on board, but it quickly seems as if none of her plans are working out the way she’d hoped. She and her French cousin aren’t getting along, and Grace’s friends back home have started a business without her. Can she find the courage to stay open to new ideas and turn the summer around?

Book 2:

Back home in Massachusetts, Grace is excited to start a new French baking business with her friends, and to have an adorable new dog to train, too! But she quickly learns that both the business and the dog are big responsibilities, especially when her energetic pup has difficulty adjusting to her new home. Grace does her best to give her pet what she needs to be happy. Can she also help her friends blend their unique talents, and whip up a recipe for a successful business?

Book 3:

When Grace learns that her grandparents’ bakery might be closing after 30 years, she’s crushed. She can’t imagine her life (or her hometown) without the bakery. And how can her own business survive if the one that inspired her cannot? GOTY wonders if she and her friends can find a way to help the bakery using their talents and newfound business skills. Can three girls really make a difference? GOTY is determined to try.

I think they sound interesting. What do you think?

Also, you can pre-order the mini doll on, was it amazon? No picture though 🙁





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  1. A friend of mine pre-ordered the Mini doll and it arrived today! Grace has longish black hair and very tanned skin. She’s really pretty!!

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