Golden Hour Photography

Hello, everyone! Happy Pi Day. This is the last one of the “posts to expect soon” (yay! One March goal completed!). I haven’t been using my DLSR as much lately, but Saturday I took my camera outside for Golden Hour, coincidentally the last day before Savings Time. It’s staying light out really late! I can’t wait for summer.


To me, that shed makes a great writing prompt. It has a story.

That’s all! What’s your favorite time of day to take pictures? Aside from golden hour, I also prefer night, though I’m still working on how to get the lighting right.

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  1. I like taking pictures at early morning best. Especially on foggy days where the rising sun turns a patch of gray into pink. No, I am rarely ever awake to actually see this happening. I’ve only seen it four times and snapped a picture of it once. But it’s still my favorite time to take pictures. 🙂

  2. Ooh, I looove taking golden hour photos too! 😀 And my favorite of your pictures might be the one where the sun is coming through the grass! It’s amazing how fun grass is to photograph. XD

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