Grateful Blogger Award!

I got tagged twice in the same day, by All Things Doll and American Girl Dolls and Me! Thanks so much. I really think this award is appropriate, since it is Thanksgiving time.Here are the rules copied from one of the sites:

*Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link back to their blog.
*Write ten things you are grateful for. You can’t just say you are thankful for something small like gum or whatever. Think deeply about it and explain it.
*Tag ten other blogs. Comment on the blogs so they know they were tagged
*Add the picture to your side bar and thank the person who nominated you.

Here we go (in no particular order):

1. Bloggers and blog readers. I love (friend love) you all! And you comment, and post, and tag me for awards! It was other bloggers who inspired me for my blog. My blog was a once every few months thing. Now, I do it five times a week. Other bloggers and readers encourage you to keep going.

2. Other people. My family and friends love me, and I don’t know what I would do without them. What if you were the only one on the earth?

3.That I was blessed to be born in a first world country. Every year, my family looks through a World Vision catalog, and we learn to be grateful that we aren’t the one who need emergency cloths and mosquito nets.

4. Holidays. They are an excuse for a break from school, time with family, and a time to thank God for things like veterans (did you know today was Veterans Day?).

5.  Freedom. I am thankful for the freedom to praise God and read my Bible, and to have the freedom of press and speech.

6. Alarm clocks…. when they work. Without them, what would wake you up in the morning when your family is busy, sick, or sleeping?

7. That I live in the room with the big closet where a whole shelf has extra blankets. Hey, I get cold at night and can get a blanket from the comfort of my own room.

8. Good books and libraries. Some books, I will whiz through.  I have read half the Series of Unfortunate Events  in two weeks. I am still waiting to go to the library!

9. (Gulp) School. Even though it is tedious(boring), it still helps me for my future.

10. That Jesus died on the cross for my sin. Without Him, I would be eternally totally lost. Words cannot describe this gratitude!


I nominate:

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Anyone else who wants it or who I forgot. I am to tired. Gotta go to bed. See? I even used incorrect grammar with the to, and that is a pet peeve of mine!




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