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Hello, everyone! Grace @ “nominated” me for this tag she created!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you (and link their blog in your post).
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  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Tag at least 3 people you know who play guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, mandolin or any other instrument in the plucked string instrument family). If you don’t know any, invite people that read your blog to comment that they play! The purpose is to not only share your musical experience with others, but learn of people who play too 

1. How long have you been playing the guitar?

A little over a year now, for the most part. When I was younger, my mom would teach me a little guitar but I would always forget. It wasn’t until last year I signed up for the guitar class at co-op that I actually started learning.

2. What kind of guitar do you play, and which do you prefer? (Classical, acoustic, electric). Why?

I play acoustic for the main part. Occasionally I pick classical music on my guitar or borrow my little brother’s electric guitar. I like the spunky, fun sound of acoustic that seems to flow easily (if that makes sense XD) and the fun upbeat sound of electric.

3. How many guitars do you own?

I own one, my mom’s old one.


Old BIBPC photo.

4. If you are comfortable sharing, what is/are the name brand(s) and model(s) of your guitar(s)?

Vantage. My mom and I spent some time looking it up, and the guitar is about 30-40 years old.

5.  What is your favorite song (or favorite songs) to play on guitar, and why?

What? That’s so hard! What comes to mind:

1( In the Secret, the first song I learned to play. It’s just so fun to play!

2( Too Young, the first song I memorized. I was so excited I was able to play an actual song.

3( Oceans, one of my favorite worship songs.

6. Do you play with others or do you mainly play alone?

As of now, I mainly play alone, but I love doing duets.

7.  What made you want to learn the guitar?

When I was little, I always heard my mom play the guitar. Last year, I tried learning on my own to show my mom, but I had a hard time so she signed me up for the guitar class.

8. What advice would you give (if you have any) to other guitar players, those just starting out or those who want to get to the next level?

For total beginners, make sure you have the four basic chords down! Know them, play them together, and practice until they come naturally. I always recommend the Guitar Tuna app, because it has games to help you learn the chords, and the first four are free, but that’s all you need.

For those trying to get to the next level (which I’m currently doing) do things that challenge you. If you think “I can’t do this!” make it your goal to do it.

I’m not really sure who on here plays the guitar, so if you do, I nominate you!


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