Happy Thanksgiving!


Ok, now that I got all the craziness out of me,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be grateful for. I have seen this on Delightful World of Dolls, so I want to do a challenge! I challenge you to comment 20 things you are grateful for. Now, you might think that is a lot. But watch the expert.

1. Mom

2. Dad

3. Jacob

4. Caleb

5. Sammy

6. Jesus and God (okay, they should have been first)

7. Computers

8. My house

9. Food

10. Water

11. Dolls

12. Trees

13. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

14.  My other family (cousins, grandparents, ect )

15. My cousin

16.  Printers

17. Paper

18. School

19. Cameras

20. YOU!

Ok, whoever does this gets a shout out! The first person gets a big shout out. I will shout out your blog too if you have one. Ready, set, comment!

First Place: Winter!

Second Place: Dandelions and Daisies!

Third Place: CutePolarBear!

1st Runner-up: AJ!

You could be second runner-up! You can do it!


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  1. Jesus, Dad,Mom, Ava ,Emma, Winnie ,my house ,food, my violin, water, fire, a bed, light, my friends, tea (I really like tea!), school, my webkinz, my dolls, my other family, books, and Love! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 1. Jesus and God
    2. The snow!! (It snowed 4 inches yesterday)
    3.Being in a Christian family.
    4.A big, comfy house.
    5. Family
    6. Maggie. (our dog)
    7. Our over 400 acre farm.
    8. The internet.
    9. Other bloggers.
    10. Technology
    11. 4 siblings, boys and girls.
    12. Cars.
    13. Grandparents
    14. Parents.
    15. Cousins.
    16. Being homeschooled.
    17. Aspirin
    18. Mac and Cheese
    19. Jinx (our cat)
    20. Books.

    Happy thanksgiving!!

  3. We have a “thankful list” and starting November 1, we all add something to the thankful list. There are a lot more than 20 items! 🙂 Here are some of the top ones:
    1. Jesus
    2. Our home
    3. Our family
    4. Candy
    5. Carrots
    6. Our Property
    7. The Bible
    8. Homeschooling
    9. Basketball Court
    10. Computers
    11. Garlic Bread
    12. Southern Gospel Music
    13. The internet
    14. Dolls
    15. Cameras
    16. Beds
    17. Trees
    18. Stuffed animals
    19. The sun
    That wasn’t even half of it! 🙂 We do have many things to be thankful for. 🙂


  4. 1.God
    2. Love
    3. Family
    4. Friends
    5. Food
    6. Shelter
    7. Pets
    8. AG dolls
    9. Bible
    10. Freedom
    11. Eternal life
    12. School
    13. Health
    14. Music
    15. iPad
    16. Black Friday deals 😉
    17. Shopping
    18. Blogs
    19. Chocolate
    20. Ice cream

    In no particular order, except for God. 😉

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