Health Rocks!

 Hello girls! A month or so ago, I went a 4-H healthy living summit. What is 4-H, you ask? It’s a program in each state (sponsored by the university, for example University of California) that has clubs, activities, and competitions for 8-18 year olds. Health Rocks! is it’s health program.

Back to the subject, the summit.

Everyone who went to the summit was trained to be a health ambassador, and had the training to teach others.  So, here are some healthy, fun ideas:

 Make Your Own Game 

You’ll need:

A group of people, preferably 9-16. You can also do this with your family or just by yourself.

Step one: Grab a bunch of outdoor toys, such as soccer balls, hula hoops, and pool noodles.

Step two: Separate into groups if you have enough people. Have each team grab a bunch of the toys. They will have 5-15 minutes to invent a game. The main rule is that everyone has to be moving the whole time.

Step three: Have each team present their game.

Ta da! If you ever get bored and it’s warm outside, you have a fun thing to do.

Mine Field

You’ll need:

Items such as rolled up (clean) socks, Frisbees, and small toys; tape or yarn; a blindfold.


Use the tape to create a large block on the floor.

Step one: Have everyone pair up into teams of two. One person on each team will be blindfolded.

Step two: The person on the first team who’s not blindfolded will use the toys to create an obstacle course for the other person. Then, he or she will have to guide their partner.

Step three: Have the teams switch places.

I hope that all made sense!



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