So, I haven’t posted in like… a week. I’m sorry, I’ve just been choosing to do other things instead :(. I have been nominated for like, a bazillion awards, so if you have a blog and didn’t already, you should be getting a bazillion awards too :).

I also made a short story, Overcoming, and submitted it to Cricket Magazine.  I am excited! I will try to post it, but I’m not sure about the copyrights if they accept it. I think I am going to die if they don’t reply soon. My M’pact teacher says that is true commitment (that is our study right now, commitment.) So, yeah. I will try to post soon again. Also, please make your short stories for the contest by Valentine’s Day and send them to josiea@zilladog.net with something in the subject line so I know it’s not spam. I haven’t gotten any submissions yet, but I look forward to seeing some! Remember, the prize is a $10 AG e-gift card. See ya soon!


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