Homeschooling- Truth vs. Lies

Hey, everyone! If you’re homeschooled, like me, you know there are a lot of rumors going around about us. Today I’m going to distinguish the truth from the lies.


1. All homeschoolers are super smart. Or alternatively, they’re all dumb or don’t need to work hard.

Lie: One of the reasons for homeschooling is so that we can learn at our own pace, not the pace of the 30 other kids in our class. Some may learn faster, or some may learn slower. And, we do work hard. Our parents don’t give us an automatic A.

2. Homeschoolers do no or little work.

Lie: We might not have 8 hours of classes, but we still do hours worth of work. Even our extracurricular activities are schoolwork. For example, some of the things I’ve done are: an art class where we learned about all kinds of artists, a 4-H nature club where we learned to respect the planet and were taught awesome facts too, and choir, where we learn how to sing and read music.

3. Homeschoolers do work in pajamas.

Truth: A lot of homeschoolers enjoy this as one of the pros of homeschooling. Even I am in my pajamas today.

4. Homeschoolers are unsocial and have no friends.

 Lie: Homeschoolers have a lot of socialization, and some may even argue that they have more than those in public school (this all depends on the person, of course). There are co-ops where once a week, hundreds of kids get together to take 2-4 special classes together taught mostly by other homeschool parents. There are homeschool book clubs at local libraries. In summer, we attend camps too. Daily News has an article HERE that talks more into this subject.

5. Homeschoolers have a say in their classes.

Truth: While main subjects such as math and language are unavoidable, we can ask our parents for certain subjects such as music lessons.

Thanks for reading this! If any of you have any more questions about homeschooling, just ask!  Other homeschoolers, feel free to share some of your own truth vs. lies. I love hearing from you!


Who wants to see more of a homeschooler’s life?

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  1. I assume those are all true, although I haven’t heard anyone say that ‘homeschoolers don’t do work’ or anything like that. I do know that homeschoolers do school in their pajamas(except for my family :P). I think you would enjoy Blimey Cow(a YouTube channel). They’re brothers who were homeschooled and make a lot of YouTube videos. One of their most popular ones is Seven Lies About Homeschoolers. Have you heard or them?


  2. This was a great post! I hate when people ask how we make friends and if we are anti-social! LOL!XD

  3. Love this post! These pretty much all apply to me except three(I always feel better if I get dressed and spiffed up a bit.) Also, I’m really shy(when I’m not writing, haha) so I don’t have a huge group of friends, but I wouldn’t say I’m antisocial…I still wonder if I was in school would I be less shy?

  4. These are all so true! I’m actually in my pj’s right now. 😜 And, some of us go to church, so that’s another way that we have friends. 🙂

    I’ve also heard many people say that we homeschoolers can’t keep up with what’s ‘in’. I feel like that could go both ways. We are, afterall, in our house everyday, so we don’t go out much and see what everybody else is doing. But on the other hand, we do go to co-ops.

    Overall, this was a great post, Josie! I loved it. 😀
    ~ Suzy

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